News - 14th March 2018

A barkrunner profile: meet Foxy!

foxy feature photo

Every week at parkruns around the world a special kind of runner (also known as the barkrunner) joins the pack. This week we catch up with one of those special runners: Foxy from Roosevelt Island parkrun.


Foxy is an enthusiastic runner, but also is a regular volunteer, and recently took on the run director role for the first time, helped by her human, Eden Gray. Foxy even tweets regularly @foxyparkruns, sharing stories about her own parkrunning and other parkrunning pups.


Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Foxy! I turned 8 years old on February 14th – now you know why I am a total sweetheart! I was born in South Carolina, but pretty soon after, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue found me and made me an online profile: Single Puppy, Looking for Love! My mommy saw my picture and knew I was a catch, so she said, “Better put a ring on it! Adopt, Adopt, Adopt!” And that is how I ended up in northern Virginia.


You’re a great runner. When did you start running seriously?

Well, I have always loved being active, taking nice long walks, going on nature hikes, doing yoga, and swimming in the local creeks. I would often sprint after squirrels or birds during these adventures. But, it was not until 2015, when I was 5 years old, that I started running longer distances.


Where is your favorite place to go running?

Hmmm, I would have to say Roosevelt Island parkrun. I absolutely adore trail running, especially when I can get a little mud on my paws, but Roosevelt Island takes it up a notch with that fabulous boardwalk! Whenever I get to the boardwalk, I get an extra spring in my step and quicken my pace!


Speaking of Roosevelt Island Parkrun, you have volunteered on several occasions. What’s your favorite role?

I loooooove being the tail walker! I get a little antsy if I have to sit still for a while, so I would rather walk around cheering on all my parkrunner peeps out there! You guys and gals are so freaking awesome!




Favorite toy?

My Christmas moose. He honks!


What song do you jam out to?

I’m a Lady by Meghan Trainor. It just makes me want to dance!


What is your go-to recovery fuel?

Greek yogurt, especially if it is topped with bits of banana!


Is there anything else you would like to share?

Yes, I tweet – @foxyparkruns. I post pictures of me and other barkrunners. It will make you smile!




“What’s a puppy run director do ? Well, you dress to impress and then get to the course early. You supervise event set-up and survey the course for hazards. You greet all the parkrunners at the start and finish and tell them how fabulous they are. Then you nap.”

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