News - 30th April 2018

Our parkrun week in pictures, April 28th 2018


We had so much to celebrate across parkrun USA this weekend, with birthdays, births, records, and milestones. But, as usual, we were mostly just happy to be having fun outside with friendly parkrunners. Whatever the weather.




At Crissy Field parkrun in San Francisco, Heidi Sokolowsky became the 30th person to complete 100 parkruns in the USA.




Congratulations, Heidi, on your 100th parkrun. All at Crissy Field parkrun.


New parkrun milestone shirts are coming very soon. So you’ll have another black shirt for your collection.




Clermont parkrun turned 5 years old this week, the second US parkrun to reach this milestone.


One quarter of all runs at parkrun USA have been along the shores of Lake Minneola in Clermont.




parkrunners of all ages came out to celebrate Clermont parkrun’s 5th birthday, ranging from this little guy, to 85-year old Phil Radford.


Phil first did Clermont parkrun on New Years Day 2014, and this was his 28th parkrun. Nice!




parkrun is connecting people across this big country.


Last week Clark Ridge was Run Director at College Park parkrun. This week he dropped in on Clermont parkrun’s anniversary party, and celebrated with a parkrun PB. Yesterday’s RD at Clermont was Bill Post, who had dropped in on College Park parkrun on one of their big days last Spring.




At Eagan parkrun in Minnesota they were celebrating a parkrun without snow, their 50th event, and their first birthday. Congratulations, Eagan!




Eagan parkrun had one of its largest ever turnouts for its 1st birthday celebration.


The crowd in Eagan was a big contributor to this week’s all-time parkrun USA attendance record.




This week we also celebrated the launch of the 20th parkrun USA event: Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville.


It was fitting that the first person to finish this event was Mike Gouldin, from Sheffield England, as Sheffield Hallam parkrun was the inspiration for JC parkrun. Meanwhile, Doug Hensel celebrated his first parkrun tourism, after 53 runs at Durham, NC parkrun.


There are more and more opportunities for US-based parkrunners to squeeze a parkrun into their travels. The number of US parkrunners who have tried out 5 different events has doubled since last December.




At College Park parkrun they welcomed Joe Creason parkrun to the family with a daffodil-themed sign.




At Renton parkrun in the Pacific Northwest they welcomed Joe Creason parkrun with a good approximation to daffodils.




At Roosevelt Island parkrun they also sent their welcome to Joe Creason parkrun.




They had a different milestone at Kensington parkrun. One of the first-timers for event #6 was Event Director Pam Marcus.


Of course, Pam wasn’t just sitting back and doing the run. This was her 24th time volunteering, so next time around she’ll reach another milestone, joining the parkrun volunteer club (purple shirt).




Beautiful spring weather brought a record turnout at South Boulder Creek parkrun.




At Fletcher’s Cove parkrun in Washington DC they had a visit from the American University Club XC team.




The spring weather also brought old and new faces to Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA.




“I registered over a year ago, but only started coming along a couple of weeks ago. Now I like getting out of bed to run on a Saturday.”


Be like Adam, and his lab mate Yvette at College Park parkrun.




The morning fitness group from Kenilworth Recreaction Center made a return visit to Anacostia parkrun, and enjoyed walking or running on the Riverwalk Trail.




Here, have a finish token! Durham, NC parkrun




Schuyler Price was 23rd finisher at College Park parkrun in Maryland. 400 miles away, her mom, Karyl Price, is a core team member at Mansfield OH parkrun, where she has volunteered almost 50 times. This week Karyl got to run the course, too. She was 23rd finisher.




Ken walked his way to a PB at Leakin Park parkrun, where the meadow was awash with pink blossoms. Plenty of reasons to celebrate.




These goslings at Mansfield OH parkrun are yet more evidence that spring has arrived across the US.




It was a bit wet at the trial event for Des Moines Creek parkrun in the Pacific Northwest, but that didn’t dampen the volunteers’ spirits. Just a few more weeks until their official launch.




More evidence of spring: they’re back on the summer course at Livonia parkrun in Michigan. Summer weather might be a few weeks away, though.




See you next week.

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