News - 30th May 2018

parkrun USA “running evangelist” featured on podcast


You’ve likely heard stories about people getting involved with parkrun as a step toward leading healthier lives. The no-pressure environment, the ability to participate with family and the weekly frequency of parkrun draws those who might otherwise struggle to stick to a regular physical activity routine.


Andrea Zukowski’s story is a bit of a deviation from the norm, however. She discovered parkrun well into her fitness journey and it inspired her in a slightly different way. Last week she was featured on the podcast “The Fit Fifteen,” during which she explains how parkrun changed her life, but not quite in the way you might expect. Have a listen here:! The episode is 30 minutes and designed to keep you entertained on a quick walk, complete with a verbal cue to turn around at fifteen minutes.

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Nelson, Bruce and George

On September 29th Fletcher’s Cove parkrun will co-host a special parkrun with the South African Embassy and the Comrades Marathon to celebrate the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth. The parkrun route follows the canal surveyed by George Washington.   Guest of honor at this event is Bruce Fordyce, legendary ultra-marathoner and 9-time winner of the…


A different milestone

No one has run 1000 parkruns yet. A few people are working hard toward this goal, but it still isn’t technically possible, as the oldest parkrun, at Bushy Park, London, has only taken place 752 times. Yet here in the US, a parkrunner recently achieved a different, but no less inspiring, 1000th run: Tim Ramsey,…