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Our parkrun week in pictures, June 16th 2018


It was Father’s Day weekend at parkrun USA. All over the country, parkrun dads kicked off “their” weekend by parkrunning with their families. It was also our fourth consecutive weekend of 1,000+ parkrunners. And, we welcomed new parkrunners, celebrated milestones, and said goodbye to some very special parkrun friends.


01kensington_20180617_schmitz family tailwalking_web


We love seeing families parkrunning together, but families volunteering at parkrun together is even more heart-warming. Chris, we hope you enjoyed an early Father’s Day celebrating by tail walking with Amber, Nicholas, and Ethan at Kensington parkrun. What a great way to start the weekend!


02mountaingoattrail_20180617_whole group_web


At Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, NINE of their fifteen participants this week were doing their first ever parkrun. It’s so exciting to see our community growing by leaps and bounds. But, among “veteran” parkrunners, Katie set a new PB – something she’s done at every single Mountain Goat Trail parkrun so far. And, the whole team was happy to welcome Mark and Sarah from Blackpool parkrun, who took a detour from a trip to Atlanta (“only” 2.5 hours away) for some parkrun tourism.




Crissy Field parkrun is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. No matter how far you traveled to get to this parkrun, there’s no better souvenir than a photo with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background (especially since our finish tokens are collected to reuse every week).


06durhamnc_20180617_heiko 50_web


parkruns don’t usually give out medals, but we love this one that Durham, NC parkrun gave Heiko to celebrate his 50th parkrun. In true parkrun spirit, it’s also reusable.




It was another Teens Run DC takeover day at Anacostia parkrun, followed by their end of year picnic and awards ceremony. Congratulations to everyone who took part in or volunteered with TRDC this year. We love having you as part of our parkrun community and supporting your work to bring running to DC’s underserved youth.


05joecreason_20180617_whole field_web


Joe Creason parkrun in Louisville had record-breaking attendance on a steamy summer day. At this weekend’s parkrun, they had 69 parkrunners, 8 volunteers, 6 barkrunners, 29 first-timers, and 13 people who earned PBs. We hope those barkrunners will be back for unofficial parkrun USA barkrunner day next weekend!




It was another beautiful day at Charleston WV parkrun, where the seven volunteers made sure everyone got their weekend off to a great start. That was the perfect number, because it was also Charleston’s seventh parkrun.


08collegepark_20180617_masked high vis hero_web


Who is the masked man, you might ask? Well, that’s Chris, who is just the latest member of the high vis super hero club at College Park parkrun. (The milestone capes are really starting to catch on at parkrun USA….)


09collegepark_20180617_high five finish_web


Abdur was planning to start running again, now that Ramadan has finished, but stepped up again on Saturday to fill a last-minute empty volunteer role. We’re impressed that he can time and give Berania a high five at the same time. Eid Mubarak, Abdur, and to everyone at parkrun USA who celebrated.


09fletcherscove_20180617_kirsty in cape_web


Kirsty and her sons have been pillars of the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun community over the past two and a half years. Kirsty did her first ever parkrun at Fletcher’s Cove Event #2 and reached her 100th parkrun milestone this weekend (hence the cape). However, this was also her last parkrun before moving back across the Atlantic. It’s sad to see Kirsty go and we only hope that her new parkrun family will love her as much as we do at parkrun USA.


10fletcherscove_20180617_kirsty hugh cut cake_web


Of course…there was cake! Fletcher’s Cove parkrun hosted a picnic for all of the DC-area parkruns. It was a great chance for people to do some parkrun tourism and make new friends.


11livonia_20180617_cathi anderson sign_web


Livonia parkrun celebrated a more somber goodbye. Cathi Anderson was a parkrunner who passed away unexpectedly last year. Today, they celebrated Cathi’s legacy by unveiling new signs, officially renaming the trails in Bicentennial Park, in memory of her life and passion for sport. What a beautiful tribute.


12jamaicapond_20180617_rose cuts cake_web


It was a bittersweet parkrun at Jamaica Pond parkrun, where they held a picnic to say goodbye to founder and Event Director Rose Penfold. In true Boston style, this parkrun prefers doughnuts AND cake. Rose is returning to the UK after her time studying in Boston and leaves an amazing legacy behind. Rose, we’ll miss you, but thank you for everything you’ve done for Jamaica Pond parkrun, Boston, and parkrun USA.




There was another famous Rosy at Jamaica Pond parkrun this week. Rosy Ryan did her first parkrun in 2015, the same month that she was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Two years later, she completed her first marathon, encouraged every step of the way by her parkrun and running club friends. You can read more about Rosy’s story in her profile on the parkrun UK blog.


Here she is with new Jamaica Pond parkrun ED Dan Forward and Fletcher’s Cove parkrun Event Director, Andres Falconer, who was doing some parkrun tourism of his own.




They enjoyed post-parkrun drinks and snacks at Deep Run parkrun. We hope that they celebrated the fact that Carl ran a “groundhog” (the same exact time two weeks in a row) and finished his 25th parkrun.


16leakinpark_20180617_mom daughter_web


This was only Lisen’s fourth parkrun (and mom Rian’s 16th), but she has set a PB every single time. That’s really great work! Check back next week to seek if Lisen does it again in honor of  Leakin Park parkrun’s first birthday celebration….


17aspen_20180617_back start shot_web


See you next week, with love from Aspen parkrun!

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