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Our parkrun week in pictures, June 23rd 2018


In this week’s parkrun USA roundup we find records, milestones, speedsters, and heroes. But at the end of the day it’s the fun you have getting outdoors and creating a healthy community that really matters. And there are teams working on bringing this to more and more communities across the country.




After just 8 weeks, folks in Charleston, West Virginia, are really enjoying the new free, weekly event along the Kanawha River. Charleston WV parkrun




The Numata-Gano family brought all colors of the rainbow to Renton parkrun this week. Cindy and her kids are local regulars, and her parents love to come to parkrun when they’re in town, enjoying the Cedar River Trail with the tailwalker.




It’s week 6 for Mountain Goat Trail parkrun in Tennessee, and they have set an attendance record every single week so far. 

19 finishers is smaller than many parkruns. But considering the size of Sewanee, TN, pop. 2300, that’s quite a turnout.




It was the first birthday celebration for Leakin Park parkrun in Baltimore. But the Moms Run This Town crew had some marathon training to take care of. What to do? Incorporate parkrun into the long run, of course!




Down the road at College Park parkrun they had so many parkrunners reaching milestones that they ran out of sashes. Congrats to Jim, Eddie, and John on their 50th parkrun, and to Samuel, who did reached his 10 parkrun milestone one week after his sister did the same.




Across parkrun USA the 1082 finishers were supported by a record crowd of 183 volunteers, including these folks at Charleston WV parkrun. 


parkrun volunteers are community members just like you. Give it a try some time.




The volunteers aren’t just what makes parkrun work. They’re also a key part of what makes parkrun fun. College Park parkrun




Helpers and supporters come in all shapes and sizes. Mountain Goat Trail parkrun




And everybody can help. Like the token sorter at this week’s Crissy Field parkrun.




Joe Creason parkrun is just 9 weeks old, and the word is spreading in the Louisville community.




What’s a globetrotting (ultra)marathoner to do when he has friends visiting from New Zealand. Take your kids and visitors down to Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, of course. Mike Wardian holds records for things like running 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days, and for the fastest ever marathon in an Elvis suit. But this week a parkrun was just the ticket.




Mike Wardian may have been the most well-known runner at parkrun USA this week. But age-grading tells us that the standout run was by 71-year old Sue Garner at Leakin Park parkrun. It’s inspiring to see what our senior parkrunners are able to do.




Records are nice, but for David, who is recovering from injury, tailwalking with ever-smiling Alfay is just the ticket. Leakin Park parkrun




As part our first unofficial barkrunner day at parkrun USA we tracked all the furry friends that ran or walked with us this week. What we found: over 50 dogs took part … and many, many more wished that you would bring them along. Roosevelt Island parkrun




Some barkrunners are veterans, while for Bella at Mansfield OH parkrun it was her first parkrun. She listened carefully to the pre-run briefing.




The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Run Good? That must be an Aussie parkrun tourist. Welcome to Andrew Smith from Canberra, who enjoyed his first international parkrun at Clermont parkrun in Florida.




One of this week’s PBs at Jamaica Pond parkrun in Boston was UK Consul General Harriet Cross. Nice running!


We’re not sure if the red, white, and blue leggings are government issue.




Misty morning at Anacostia parkrun in Washington DC.




What goes up must come down. Heading for the big hill at Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA.




The storms held off for long enough for everybody to enjoy an early morning run at Livonia parkrun in Michigan.




The storms did not hold off, alas, in Ottawa IL, where the decision to cancel Heritage Harbor parkrun was a no brainer.




Summer is a great time to enjoy post parkrun coffee/brunch outdoors. And outdoor results processing too. Kensington parkrun




Last week the Washington DC area parkruns went one step further. They teamed up to hold a joint post-parkrun picnic alongside the Potomac following Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. The DC-are events are close enough that you could run or volunteer at your home run then zip over to Fletcher’s Cove. We’re looking forward to seeing more parkrun USA hubs emerging in the next couple of years.




One region that we’re working on is Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Watch this space for updates in the weeks and months ahead, or drop us a line if you’d like to get involved.




Another area where we’re looking to build is Michigan. If you’re in the Ann Arbor area, check out Lets bring parkrun to Ann Arbor on Facebook, and join them for one of their meetup runs.




We’re already looking forward to next Saturday.





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