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Our parkrun week in pictures, June 30th 2018


The summer was heating up across most of parkrun USA this weekend. Many of us slowed down a little to enjoy the surroundings and the company. We celebrated a big event anniversary (and broke our oldest attendance record), individual anniversaries, visited family and friends, and even had fireworks to mark the start of the holiday week.




It was very hot across much of the country. So a good time to be running next to the water, such as at Heritage Harbor parkrun.




… or along the banks of the Anacostia at Anacostia parkrun in Washington DC.




… or along the banks of the Kanawha River at Charleston WV parkrun.




Yes, it was really hot. But that was no reason to stop smiling. The 100 finishers at College Park parkrun are looking forward to when the scores of trees they planted by the start/finish will grow large enough to provide summer shade.




You could also run by the water at Crissy Field parkrun, where long sleeves were still an option.




It was a big day at Durham, NC parkrun, where they celebrated their 5th birthday and broke their attendance record set way back in 2015.




This sign lists all 112 volunteers who together have put on 255 free weekly events at Durham, NC parkrun.




Up on ‘The Mountain’ at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun in Tennessee they are on fire. 7th event, 7th consecutive attendance record. Word is clearly spreading.




And at Mountain Goat Trail parkrun they had fireworks to celebrate the start of the holiday week, thanks to some deft chalking by volunteer Beth.




Despite the heat and humidity in the mid-Atlantic, Kensington parkrun saw their largest crowd since their launch. Perhaps it’s the fully shaded trail that is the draw. Or the playground. Or just the super friendly community that’s growing around the event.




Clermont parkrun saw 150 finishers, their biggest turnout of 2018 so far, signaling the start of their busy summer season.




At Eagan parkrun in Minnesota the summer weather is oh so welcome.




At Joe Creason parkrun first-timer Joe Burket showed that there should be no barriers to getting active in your community.




Michigander Janet Grudzien John is based in the UK, where she is a regular parkrunner at Huntingdon parkrun. She finally got to parkrun back home in Michigan at Livonia parkrun. She brought along her parents, and her dad volunteered as photographer.




The Hodgsons got to enjoy Des Moines Creek parkrun. Word is starting to get around about the new free, weekly event by the Puget Sound.




Family fun for the Eppersons at Renton parkrun.




Walking with your pup was just the ticket at Deep Run parkrun in Richmond, VA.




At Roosevelt Island parkrun they defied the heat to hold a post-parkrun park cleanup in partnership with the National Parks Service.




At College Park parkrun they’re teaming up with the county parks department to hold free post-parkrun yoga under the trees right after parkrun throughout the summer. Just the speed on a hot morning.




Ever wondered what the volunteers get up to while they’re waiting for you to return?  Mansfield OH parkrun




Some people slow down in the heat just because. But for parkrun USA country manager Darrell Stanaford a calf strain gave him the chance to join the tailwalking crew at Leakin Park parkrun, where he made new friends and learned about the history of the park.




Tailwalking is just as enjoyable, and a whole lot less humid, at South Boulder Creek parkrun.




Tailwalking is just one of the ways to enjoy volunteering at summer parkruns. Give it a try sometime. Charleston WV parkrun.




Meanwhile, in New Jersey they’re getting excited about the Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun. Official launch is August 18th, but you can join them every Saturday from now on for their trial runs. They’re putting the course through its paces and working on their selfie technique.





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