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Our parkrun week in pictures, July 7th 2018

collegepark_20180707_group celebration_900x416

It feels like every week is a celebration at parkrun USA, whether it’s ANOTHER new attendance record (over 1200 parkrunners!), personal bests, first parkruns, milestones, or just spending time with friends and family. We hope that never ever changes. Let’s definitely do it all again next Saturday.




Sometimes the tail walker just HAS to celebrate! After all, what could be better than getting to be the person who spends the most time enjoying the beautiful Clermont parkrun course? Thanks for being a high vis hero, Sandra!


charlestonwv_20180707_finish line triumph arms_web


There’s no better feeling than crossing the finish line of a parkrun, especially when you get to do it with a record number of new friends. Congratulations on another new attendance record, Charleston WV parkrun.


collegepark_20180707_group celebration_web


It’s obvious that the whole country was in a celebrating mood this weekend. At College Park parkrun, the beautiful weather made it easy to celebrate the fact that parkrun brings our communities and people of all ages together to be healthy and active.


rooseveltisland_20180707_monica finish line_web


Over at Roosevelt Island parkrun, Monica celebrated a new PB. She’s headed home after her year in DC, but we hope that you’ll be back to visit us…or that we’ll get to visit when you start your parkrun! Thank you for being part of our community.


crissyfield_20180707_scanning and world cup duties_web


It turns out that parkrun wasn’t the ONLY sporting event on Saturday. At Crissy Field parkrun, where parkrun took place during the World Cup quarter-final match between England and Sweden, the volunteers had an extra job: monitoring the match and providing updates on the score.


crissyfield_20180707_celebrating at coffee_web


We’re sure these happy parkrunners were celebrating a new parkrun USA attendance record with a coffee at Dynamo Donuts. Or maybe it was England’s win over Sweden in the World Cup Quarterfinals? What do you think, Crissy Field parkrun?


jamaicapond_20180707_run briefing_web


While some were celebrating England’s 2-0 quarter-final victory, Jamaica Pond parkrun celebrated their own 2-0: TWENTY personal bests on Saturday, the most since May. Among the twenty: Rosie Donegan, breaking her own female course record.


Apparently, there was also a knighting ceremony, but we’re still waiting for the full story on that….


clermont_20180707_finish line flags_web


Clermont parkrun always has flag bunting for their finish funnel, but it just feels extra perfect for the World Cup.


anacostia_20180707_group shot_web


There was definitely something to celebrate at Anacostia parkrun, too. Five people set new personal bests, there were four new age group course records, and (most importantly) twelve people joined the parkrun family.


kensington_20180707_walkers in hijab_web


Stacy and Stacey are not just sisters-in-law, they’re also now Kensington parkrun buddies. A third member of the family, Martina, did one lap of the course on crutches after her recent knee surgery! We’re glad that all of you could join us for your first parkruns.




You really do have a beautiful spot for a free, weekly, timed 5K, Des Moines Creek parkrun. We are so glad that you joined the parkrun family. But, did you hear the news? You won’t be our baby parkrun for much longer….


d&rc_20180707_rory and bill_web


…because there’s an official start date now for the Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun in Somerset County, New Jersey – August 18! This weekend, Event Director Rory was joined by Bill for a 9am freedom run of the future parkrun course.




Congratuations, Lissa & Chris on finishing your first ever parkruns and welcome to the parkrun family. We’re glad you could join us and we’re happy to see Corey back at Joe Creason parkrun for his third parkrun, too.


mansfield_20180707_finish line cheering_web


Finish line photos of happy or tired runners are great, but we love this photo of the high vis hero squad urging Mansfield OH parkrunners on to new PBs. Volunteers really are the heart and soul of our parkrun community. If you haven’t had a chance to volunteer yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!


leakinpark_20180707_joe with kids_web


Jo is a regular parkrunner at Leakin Park parkrun, but she was joined by two special guests this weekend: her son, visiting from Seattle, and daughter. Being together with your family is definitely worth a PB in smiling.


moberly_20180707_group shot_web


Over at Moberly parkrun, Donian and Kimberly took part in their first ever parkruns, while Bill and Francis completed their thirteenth different US parkrun event. Nobody has done more US parkruns than these members of the Clermont parkrun team.


mountaingoattrail_20180707_tourists in the market_web


Mountain Goat Trail parkrun had 18 finishers on Saturday, including visitors from Ireland and South Africa (now living in Austin, Texas, which is “only” a thousand miles from Sewanee, Tennessee). We love how parkrun both brings together local communities and brings us all closer together as a global family.


southbouldercreek_20180707_runner in field_web


But sometimes, parkrun gives us a chance to be alone, enjoying our beautiful open spaces. If you’re ever in the Boulder/Greater Denver area, there’s no better way to recharge then with a Saturday morning South Boulder Creek parkrun.


deeprun_20180707_see you next week_web


Enjoying the big downhill at Deep Run parkrun.


See you next week!


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