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Our parkrun week in pictures, August 25th 2018


There’s only one parkrun to go before Labor Day weekend and the “official” end of summer. But, we know that the warm fuzzy feelings we get from seeing new friendships form and parkruns thriving will keep us toasty through the fall and winter seasons.


collegepark_20180815_lauren _ anna


Lauren & Anna look really excited about finishing their first College Park parkrun (and second parkruns ever). They were visiting to help their Uncle Brian, the day’s run director, celebrate his birthday.


image-2018-08-28 (8)


College Park parkrun hit an exciting milestone this week: they completed their first collective trip around the world (40,075km or 8,015 parkruns). So, who had the honor of being the parkrunner to finish the trip? Marvin, the 129th finisher, who will get to wear the title of “official circumnavigator” until someone completes the 16,030th parkrun at College Park.


image-2018-08-28 (4)


In another milestone, Roosevelt Island parkrun celebrated two trips around the sun! They celebrated alongside the National Parks Service, whose 102nd birthday, or Founders Day, fell on the same date. Harper was one of the lucky parkrunners who got to go on a tour of the Island with NPS volunteer Erica.


image-2018-08-28 (2)


Ranger Ahmed also led a walking tour and we heard that it was absolutely wonderful. We are so grateful to our partners at George Washington Memorial Parkway for letting parkrun use the Island every Saturday and for their ongoing support.


image-2018-08-28 (7)


Roosevelt Island parkrun co-founder and parkrun USA country manager Darrell came to help celebrate the second anniversary. Obviously, there was cake!


image-2018-08-28 (13)


At Mountain Goat Trail parkrun, Nicky helped Katie push for a sprint to the finish line. You can get a PB in smiles and running with friends, right?


image-2018-08-28 (6)


Jamaica Pond Park is a beautiful background forJamaica Pond parkrun and for their run briefing. Special thanks go out to the Burns family, who had three generations acting as parkrun volunteers.




At Anacostia parkrun, there’s no better feeling than crossing the finish line with a friend.


image-2018-08-28 (3)


Clermont parkrun is THE preeminent, international tourist attraction in Central Florida, right? So it’s pretty neat that Kayla and Jackie, regulars at College Park parkrun, got to visit. We wonder if there’s a reason why they also seem to be wearing mouse ears…?


image-2018-08-28 (12)


We love the smiles and blue skies at Charleston WV parkrun.


image-2018-08-28 (5)


Leakin Park parkrun is still on their alternative course, after last month’s devastating floods. But, it’s kind of cool that they get to run through the historic community of Franklintown, a mill town first settled in the 18th Century.


image-2018-08-28 (14)


We love your shirt! There’s nothing like a Saturday morning at Mansfield OH parkrun for some extra adventure, right?


kensington_20180825_pompom heads


Kensington parkrun keeps purple pom-poms on hand for anyone who wants to cheer on the parkrunners. But, these two seem to have found another great use for them….


livonia_20180825_spencer 200


Livonia parkrun co-Event Director Spencer Greve was celebrating a rare milestone this week: it was the 200th time that he has volunteered at parkrun and the 100th time that he served as timekeeper. Thank you, Spencer!





Delaware and Raritan Canal parkrun had a great turnout for their second event this week. They set a new attendance record, welcomed their first barkrunner — who listened VERY carefully to Kay’s run briefing — and saw the overall male and female course records reset. We’re so happy to see our newest parkrun off to a fantastic start.


moberly_20180825_Piper _ Wade


Moberly parkrun had a very special visitor this weekend: a barkrunner! Piper did a great job accompanying her dad, Wade, on his run.


image-2018-08-28 (10)


Wendy is a regular parkrunner at Hamilton Lake parkrun in Australia, but she was one of 19 people who took part in their first South Boulder Creek parkrun this weekend.


image-2018-08-28 (15)


We love the beautiful harbor backdrop for the very fittingly-named Heritage Harbor Ottawa parkrun. And, it looks like more College Park parkrunparkrunners were on tour! We’re sure that Violet (famous puddle jumper), Clark, Claron, and Doug Ridge had a great time visiting one of our Midwestern parkruns.


image-2018-08-28 (16)


It is great to see Renton parkrun co-Event Director Kortney enjoying her parkrun this week!


image-2018-08-28 (11)


At Durham, NC parkrun the post-parkrun hopscotch was optional, but at least one parkrunner decided it was a great idea.


deep run_20180825_dog at finish


 Well, that’s another roundup finished. See you next week, with love from Deep Run parkrun!

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