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Barkrunner profile: Moose of Deep Run

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Hi everyone!  Your barkrunner correspondent Foxy is here with a very special barkrunner interview – the happy-go-lucky Moose from Deep Run!  This interview is super special for me as Moose and I actually met back in 2017 on neutral ground up at College Park parkrun, where Moose helped me get a 5k PB! Yeah, I said PB — I’m hip to the parkrun lingo!  For all the novice barkrunners out there, PB means “puppy best”!


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Tell me about yourself Moose. 
Hi! I’m Moose, and I’m a 2 year old yellow lab from Richmond, VA, and my home parkrun is Deep Run. I can be found in my favorite red bandana chasing ducks, destroying toys, snuggling, and giving kisses.


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You gotta love how great we pups look when we bandana up!  So, how did you get into running?
Well, parkrun was my first real experience with running.  Dad wanted my hips to grow big and strong before I did high impact sports. I started around my first birthday and have loved it ever since!


Waiting until your body is ready is so important for us barkrunners.  Future barkrunners, take note – have your mom and/or dad talk to your doctor before you start participating in sports.  


Okay, PSA (Puppy Service Announcement) over — now back to Moose – do you have any tips for barkrunners visiting Deep Run parkrun?
Snowball and Harrigan, my fellow barkrunners, will agree – the best advice for Deep Run is to conserve your energy the first mile because there is a gigantic mountain and more squirrels to chase in the second mile.




OMG, yes!  I visited back in July, and that incline at Deep Run is so very steep!  Thankfully, my mommy had visited before and knew just how to pace me through the course!


Speaking of pacing, you and I had a ton of fun up at College Park parkrun where we went back and forth for the lead the whole second half of the course.  Have you ever thought about being a professional barkrunner pacer?
It would be fun to be a barkrunner pacer — I’d be happy to help anyone who is interested, just have your people talk to my people!


Absolutely fabulous Moose.  Now, how about we put your quickness to the test with the lightning round of questions:


Favorite toy?  Flamingo!
Your best trick?  Spinning in circles
You’re making me dizzy just thinking about that.
Preferred spot at home?  On the couch
Favorite treat treat?  Greenies!
Who is your hero?  Belle, a fellow barkrunner
What is your go-to recovery fuel?  Snuggles
So sweet!  Okay – cats – love ‘em or leave ‘em?  They stare at me so I stare back
Playing chicken with them I see.  Okay, last one.  If you went to human school, what activity would you do?  Frisbee!


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Nice!  It has been a real pleasure Moose.  One of these days, we will have to meet up again on one of our home parkrun courses!


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