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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 17th 2018

While the season changes ever so slowly from Winter to Spring, the true treasure at the end of the rainbow is not gold, but the communities of parkrun USA. While we wait for the Spring colors to load, an abundance of green could be found on parkrunners celebrating the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday.    …

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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 10th 2018

Best friends, new friends, four-legged friends, it was clear looking back at parkrun events in the USA that everyone had a great time! Spring seems to be doing a kickstart with matching weather across the board. Only one cancelation this week, but due to a competing event and not the weather! We may need to…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, March 3rd 2018

It was a wild weather weekend, especially on the east coast as the “beast from the East,” aka the “bomb cyclone” aka a “nor’easter” brought strong winds and snow and there was flooding in the middle of the country. These conditions resulted in unwelcome presents left on the courses of a number of our parkruns….

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 24th 2018

This week’s parkrun USA roundup is full of stories about the next generation. Young parkrunners and young parkruns. Families connecting by taking different roles at their local parkrun. Old friends connecting by taking part in events on opposite sides of the world. The future is looking bright.     A foggy February morning brought a…

feature photos 2.17.18
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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 17 2018

It was a busy weekend across the USA with 602 runners and walkers, 91 first-timers, 27 tourists, and 107 personal bests at 15 events. We had kids, parents, strollers, dogs, and even a stuffed bear in attendance! Click through to hear their stories.     Kristina McKenna, Brunei Gasaway, and Lauren Freed are first timers…

Livonia feature photo 2.10.18
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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 10th 2018

This week’s parkrun roundup includes an impressive milestone achievement, some very chilly winter weather, some Valentine’s Day love, and a few new recruits at our next parkrun event.     Tim from Livonia parkrun in Michigan had a warm welcome this week from the community at Anacostia parkrun! Tyrone is a recent recruit at Anacostia…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 9th 2018

In this week’s parkrun USA roundup we find communities creatively responding to frigid temps. We find unexpected gifts, and unexpected visitors. We find some who got bit by the parkrun bug a dozen years ago, some who tried their first parkrun this weekend, and others who are working on bringing a parkrun event to their…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, February 2nd 2018

This week’s stories from across parkrun USA include birthdays, milestones, volunteer superheroes … and alligators.     At Livonia parkrun the entire field waited to cheer Jim Ingles, their first ever male finisher in the 80+ age-category.     Crissy Field parkrun #157 was also their 3rd birthday. So the finish tokens were not the only stripy things…

feature photo 2
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Our parkrun week in pictures, January 26th 2018

There was much to celebrate this weekend at parkruns across the US. Many people were running for the first time, one parkrun had its 100th event, the kids were out in force, and another event celebrated its first birthday. Read on to see the locals and read their stories!     Anacostia parkrun welcomed Saturday with 22…

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Our parkrun week in pictures, January 19th 2018

So much to celebrate this week across parkrun USA: milestones, anniversaries, and surprising encounters. And while we had our first weekend with three events in triple digits, spare a thought for the parkrunners in the Midwest who just can’t wait to start on their parkrun resolutions.     At Roosevelt Island parkrun in Washington DC both Event…

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