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parkrunner of the week Bernelle Verster

Name: Bernelle Verster Age: 35 Occupation: Bioprocess Engineer Home parkrun: Zandvlei Running club: SA Orienteers Trail or Road Running? Prefer trail Number of parkruns completed: 81 How has parkrun changed your running / fitness? I used to be very active, but finishing my PhD made me gain 20kg! At the time I also started a…

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Keep your resolutions with MRP Sport

We’re making February all about new month’s resolutions! January was just a trial month, but now we’re A for Away with all things fit, active and outdoors.   Need a little inspiration?   There’s nothing more motivating than brand new active gear and budget-friendly price tags. At MRP Sport, we have both. Sign up for…

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Keep your body moving

Get active in a way that suits you! Spice up your workout by joining a health club, linking a fitness device to track your activity, taking part in race events and joining Team Vitality, our running and cycling club.   You can save up to 100% on your gym fees and local flights for reaching…

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A guide to dogs at parkrun

For those runners and walkers who wish to take their dogs along to a parkrun, please always remember to check the home pages of parkruns you intend to run with a dog. There are several parkruns in South Africa where dogs are not allowed.   Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome at many parkruns. We ask…

100th event
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Botanical Garden – World’s fastest growing parkrun

Congratulations to everyone at Botanical Garden on the occasion of your 100th run.   When we launched Botanical Garden in December 2014 we knew immediately we were on to something special. It was a beautiful morning, and, despite her initial concerns, Event Director Ilana Wait started to smile as more and more people poured into…

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Valhalla conquering new space!

As we all know Valhalla is the mythical home of the Nordic Gods. Their names conjure up images of strength and valour rather like the vikings who worshipped them. Thor ( the hammer of the gods) Woden the king of the gods who gave life. And Fryjda Valhalla’s beautiful goddess.   Without wanting to sound…

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Bridgetown draws hundreds – Cape Town

Bridgetown’s inaugural parkrun has been hailed for bringing together a diverse crowd from the local community.   The all-encompassing nature of parkrun, together with the health benefits of making parkrun a regular event were praised in the media.   Read the full story here

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Full Steam Ahead for 2017

2017’s full steam ahead! The kids are back at school, we’re all back into the swing of things and you might even be a parkrun newbie who’s added a weekly parkrun to your weekend agenda. That’s what we like to hear.   For your upcoming parkruns, why not get the whole family involved? From mom and…