News - 9th June 2017

parkrunners conquer Comrades

Bruce Comrades Cheer

First of all I must send massive congratulations from me to all the parkrun people who ran the Comrades marathon last Sunday. The #parkrun2Comrades runners need even warmer applause.  We cannot know the exact number of runners who ran their first 5km parkrun a few months ago little dreaming that they would one day be running the world’s most famous ultramarathon. There were too many parkrunners participating to mention individuals but each of you made us very proud. However I would like to congratulate third place ladies finisher Charne Bosman who ran her first parkrun at Victoria Lake a few months ago. She also won last year’s down race to Durban. Of course I haven’t forgotten the parkrun supporters who cheered from the side-lines or helped at seconding tables.  And I would like to congratulate all those parkrunners /Comrades runners who did not make it on Sunday. Well done for trying and I hope we will see you trying again and being successful next year.


An indication of the numbers of parkrunners who travelled to KZN for the Comrades was seen in the record numbers of participants at all our KZN Coastal parkruns. There were plenty of record fields and as anticipated North Beach parkrun welcomed over 2,000 eager parkrunners. These parkrunners came from all over South Africa and the world. Understandably those who were running the 86.7 hilly kilometres of the Comrades the next morning either walked or jogged very easily.


Big Bay

As everyone knows this week the Western Cape was battered by a catastrophically massive storm. The damage has been disastrous and all our thoughts are with the people affected by this catastrophe. parkrun in the Western Cape has not remained unscathed and Knysna and Big Bay parkruns have been particularly badly hit. The Big Bay beach has been demolished by the storm and despite the best efforts of the team to find an alternative route the Cape Town city council has closed the beach. The devastating fires in Knysna have left everyone in a state of shock. Despite this Kenny Wilkinson and his team have decided to go ahead and hold a parkrun this weekend. “It’s our way of showing solidarity with the people of Knysna,” Said Kenny when making the decision to go ahead. “We want to give them something positive to do amidst all the gloom.”


This Saturday the Western Cape parkruns will be collecting food and blankets for distribution to all those affected by the disaster. Please check your Facebook pages for more information about these collections.


Cheers for now,


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First of all I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to all those brave parkrunners who ran the 93rd Comrades marathon on Sunday. I am so proud of all of you. #parkrun2comrades.  Even those who didn’t make it can be proud that they had the courage to try. The parkrun presence was everywhere at…

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