News - 22nd June 2017

Get ready to RUN at the Vitality Run Series

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Discovery Vitality has launched a new series to help you kick-off the months of spring: the Vitality Run Series. This Series consists of four of the most iconic races in Johannesburg: Old Eds Road Race, Wanderers Aucor Property Race, Adrienne Hersch Randburg Harriers Challenge and the Rockies Gerald Fox Memorial Race, which will take place during August and September 2017.


You will receive bonus fitness points for each race you complete and an extra 1,000 Vitality points for completing three or four races in the Series. Here’s a breakdown of points you can earn for participating:


⦁ 800 Vitality points for 5km
⦁ 1,100 Vitality points for 10km
⦁ 2,000 Vitality points for 21.1km


Note: Vitality points for the Vitality Run Series will be automatically awarded. You will first receive your base fitness points, after which you will get your bonus points for completing the race. Your Vitality points will take up to four days to reflect on your Vitality Points Monitor and the Discovery app.


Plus, to give you an extra spring in your step, you will earn a limited edition Vitality Run Series medal for each race you complete. Earn all four and see how they fit together to create one complete medal.


Spring into action and book your race entries, here.

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