News - 5th July 2017

parkrunner of the week Annalee Siepman


Name: Annalee Siepman


Age: 51


Occupation: Project Administrator, Finance


Home parkrun: Shongweni


Trail or Road Running: Trail


Number of parkruns completed: 139


How has parkrun changed your running / fitness? I was never really a runner before my accident. I kept fit doing day hikes. In December 2013 I was in a terrible car accident and sustained 6 fractures and a slipped disc in my neck as well as extensive damage to my left arm and a blow to my head. I could not continue my hiking due to my injuries. I am an active person and was frustrated, it was then that a friend told me about parkrun.

I started out only wanting to walk, I never intended to run! But each week I felt better and I started to aim at getting a better time and eventually started running; something I would never have done in the past. I am extremely goal orientated and could not wait to get my 50 shirt. Then the goal was achieving my 100 shirt… now it is reaching volunteering 100 times and then to get my 250 shirt.


Favourite Volunteer Role: Timekeeping


Number of volunteer occasions: 77


Why should other volunteer at parkrun? It keeps you motivated, you meet new friends and it’s a great way to give back. I really have enjoyed every minute of parkrun, from achieving goals to making friends and volunteering. It has become a way of life for me and my family and I could not imagine a Saturday without it.


Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment: Firstly reaching my 100th parkrun and secondly volunteering in the freezing cold looking like an Eskimo!!


What fellow volunteers think about them? Annalee is always willing to step up to the plate regardless of the situation and with a big smile , always motivating the participants. It’s a great pleasure to volunteer with her and know she is always there to volunteer in any role, from marshalling to making announcements.


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