News - 19th July 2017

parkrun supports new events


Every new Run Director experiences doubts and worries before their first (inaugural) run. As the big day approaches they worry about the route, the volunteers, the registrations and the weather. Many stress badly about uploading their first set of results.  Some have reported worrying so much that they scarcely sleep the night before their inaugural run.


We always remind them that we have the processes in place to ensure success. With the exception of parkruns in very remote places our regional directors and ambassadors insist that new team members volunteer at existing parkruns   and that they rehearse on a couple of occasions.


We also have teams who guide them through the whole process. This is particularly the case for those in far flung corners of Southern Africa. For this reason our parkruns usually have successful launches. Even bad weather doesn’t really stop a well organised parkrun. It poured with rain at the launch of Uvongo parkrun a few years ago and yet the parkrun was an instant success and continues to be an outstanding parkrun on the KZN South Coast.


Finally we remind our new event directors that they are organising a parkrun, not the Olympic 5,000 metre final. If something goes wrong we can correct it so we encourage them to relax, smile and enjoy their special day.

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