News - 19th July 2017

parkrunner of the week Rex Gazzard

Rex Gazzard

Name: Rex Gazzard

Age: 66

Occupation: Retired

Home parkrun: Golden Harvest

Running club: Formerly RAC

Trail or Road Running? Road

Number of parkruns completed:  None – unable

Favourite volunteer role: Timekeeper

Number of volunteering occasions: 78 officially and at least another 10 unofficially (I wasn’t registered yet)

Why should others volunteer at parkrun? Every person should volunteer at least once. Its a way of giving back.

What do your fellow volunteers say about him: Rex is the most loyal volunteer, he is always there come rain (and we’ve had plenty) or  shine. He relies on transport from others and always makes a plan to be there. I don’t think he has missed one day since he started volunteering. He is the best timekeeper we could have ever asked for. We have another very loyal member of the team, Bruce (the dog) who is Rex’s biggest fan as Rex always brings him a biscuit in the morning. I have seen such an improvement in Rex over the last 2 years. His interaction with the people has seamed to have done him well – parkrun is a happy place for most of the volunteers. He has also encouraged others in the retirement home to join parkrun. Thanks Rex, you are a star.

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