News - 28th September 2017

parkrunner of the week Thomas Muswede

Thomas (1)

Name: Thomas Muswede
Age: 44
Occupation: Assistant Manager: Parks
Home parkrun: Potchefstroom
Running club: None
Trail or Road Running? Road running
Number of parkruns completed: 110
How has parkrun changed your running / fitness? parkrun started by changing my attitude first and foremost as I used not to believe I could run. Since I started with parkrun, my fitness level improved drastically. I also ran Soweto marathon 2016, an historic achievement, because of parkrun
Favourite volunteer role: Marshal, timekeeper and photographer
Number of volunteering occasions: 5
What do you like about volunteering at parkrun: Teamwork
Why should others volunteer at parkrun? parkrun depends only on volunteers; no volunteers, no parkrun.
Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:  When I have reached my 50 and 100 point and also when I was joined by my family.
What fellow volunteers say about him: Thomas is very friendly and helpful. He is responsible for the maintenance of the park where parkrun takes place. The park is always clean and the grass is kept neatly short. If there are any issues, they are sorted out before the next parkrun day.

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