News - 6th February 2018

parkrunner of the week Zubie Varatharajullu


Name: Jubeira (Zubie) Varatharajullu

Age: 60

Occupation: Debtors Controller

Home parkrun: North Beach

Running club: Crescent A/C

Number of parkruns completed: 267

How has parkrun changed your running / fitness: My first parkrun was on the 3/11/2012 with 74 runners – Bruce Fordyce, Rhain, Jenna and Stefan van der Merwe and my hubby (Sagren) volunteered, parkrun gave me more fitness and great inspiration to run and you can see it especially the younger kids. I run with a club but I was too lazy to get up on a Sunday to do club runs, after doing parkrun every Saturday I’m first out to run on Sundays. I’ve got two more parkruns to complete before I join the tourist club and I can’t wait.

Favourite Volunteer Role: Marshall and Barcode Scanning

Number of Volunteering Occasions: 210

What do you enjoy most about parkrun? Meeting new runners and walkers every week, seeing all the new faces & working with awesome volunteers

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