News - 21st February 2018

Together, the MRP Group is Doing Good

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This week the MRP Group launches its Together We Do Good campaign, a campaign that proudly highlights steps taken by the group to create a sustainable business. The Together We Do Good sustainability initiative is an ongoing journey that aims to build a more responsible business that cares for the communities and environment in which it operates.


From empowering learners and upskilling staff, to lowering its carbon footprint and supporting community development, together, all divisions and stores within the MRP Group are doing their bit to keep doing good.


That Maxed gym towel you keep close by on your parkruns? The Together We Do Good drive ensures that the cotton used to produce your towel (or Maxed tee or Maxed cotton socks) was locally sourced. This contributes to the 2,600+ jobs that have already been created or retained in the local cotton farming industry.


And from a sporting perspective… Maxed team runner, Comrades multi-gold medallist and Ultra Trail Cape Town champion, Prodigal Khumalo is also playing his part. Not only did he play a key role in the development of Maxed’s world-class running shoe, the Maxed Marathon Racer, he’s also won two Comrades golds in the shoe he helped engineer.


Now, Prodigal is playing his part in Together We Do Good campaign. Prodigal shares the same views as the MRP Foundation – a youth development organisation which aims to empower less privileged South African youth through quality education and skills development. He now empowers and inspires students across South Africa with his own success story: of how a healthy lifestyle, sports and running changed his life, and got him to where he is as a legend in the world of running – both as a Comrades Marathon gold-medallist, and as an Ultra Trail Cape Town champion. Together, the MRP Foundation and running champion Prodigal Khumalo continue to do good and unlock tomorrow’s potential.


These, and many other, are just some of the ways that the MRP Group is building a business that lasts, and a business that adds value to the lives of our customers and partners, while caring for the communities and environment in which it operates. To find out more about the Together We Do Good Sustainability journey, click here.

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