News - 21st March 2018

#GetOutdoors, Whatever the weather


Just because the mercury’s dropping, it doesn’t mean your motivation should, too. This winter, MRP Sport’s all about getting outdoors and staying active. So, if you’ve got that goal-getting drive, MRP Sport has the layering essentials you need for those upcoming winter walks and runs.


Make it happen:


The most effective way to keep the brrrrs at bay is by layering multiple, thinner items of activewear, rather than lugging around one bulky jacket. Layering allows you to add or remove layers as you need them.


First, team up with a wickable base layer, like a Maxed long sleeve Dri-Sport tee. This layer will ensure you stay dry and comfy.

Next, add a mid-layer, like one of Maxed’s snug and soft hoodies to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

Lastly, if it’s exceptionally icy outdoors, a rain and wind-resistant outer layer will protect you from that icy, winter weather.


No matter how cold it gets over the next few months, make sure you #GetOutdoors with parkrun and stay motivated with Maxed.


Kit out your winter active wardrobe on the MRP app (available on iOS and Android), shop in-store at your nearest MRP Sport store or shop online at

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