News - 15th May 2018

Four parkruns launched in two weekends


Most parkrunners took the news about our problem with milestone shirts quite stoically and I would like to thank the many who offered advice and encouragement. There were however a handful who didn’t understand my message and for that I apologise. My message did not herald the end of the milestone T shirts. It merely acknowledged that we have a problem and are working on it. We are very optimistic a solution will be found quite soon.


In the meantime, some generous runners have been handing their shirts on to other parkrunners. In other words we have heard of a number of parkrunners, who are 100 milestone club members, who have given their 50 milestone shirts to friends who are still waiting for theirs. I would like to thank those parkrunners for their generosity and for the example they are setting.


Last Saturday we launched Harkerville parkrun (pictured above) near Plettenberg Bay and simultaneously we started Waterfall parkrun. I ran at Harkerville and really enjoyed it. Harkerville parkrun runs on farm roads and through a shady forest and is real country parkrun. Congratulations to Heather Kennedy and her team for the beautiful parkrun they have created. At last the Plettenberg Bay area has its own parkrun. I would particularly like the thank the generous donor who paid for the sturdy wooden bridge that crosses the stream halfway along the parkrun route. For obvious reasons I couldn’t be at the Waterfall launch but I have been told it is a very popular parkrun and the organisers even built a special road exclusively for the parkrun. Congratulations to Caroline Poonan, Natalie Agostino and their team for this much needed parkrun. I have no doubt it will join the ranks of one of the larger Gauteng parkruns quite soon. As soon as I have a spare Saturday I will be testing the new road at Waterfall parkrun myself. I can’t wait.



Barberton parkrun


This Saturday we had another simultaneous launch as both Barberton and Robertson parkruns started. Once again I had to make a difficult choice and I ran at Barberton. I had to run Barberton parkrun because in the 1920s my Grandfather was the town postman. I am told he rode a bicycle to deliver the post in those days. However once again I am determined to run the parkrun I missed in the near future, so I will be running at Robertson as soon as possible. I can report that Barberton parkrun is a real bushveld run and the townsfolk of Barberton have carved, cut and mowed an astonishing route through the bush. I have been told that Robertson parkrun is fast and flat and once again I can’t wait. This parkrun is proving to be hugely popular with locals as last week it led the parkrun world for registrations.


Doubling up at inaugurals is set to become quite commonplace in the future as the demand from communities for new parkruns continues to outstrip the number of Saturdays available in a year. We have always been committed to the idea that we will start a parkrun for every community that wants one and we will stick to that promise.


Congratulations to two of our favourite parkrun people for reaching their 250 milestones, and how fitting it is that Margie Jenkins and Jabu Mkhize should achieve this milestone on the same weekend. Margie and Jabu are both a rich part of fabric of parkrun South Africa and we wish them all the best as they continue to delight and encourage other South African parkrunners.


Cheers for now,


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