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News - 19th October 2016

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Eoin Kenny – parkrunner of the month


Name: Eoin Kenny


Age: 12


Home parkrun: St Anne’s


Occupation: I go to school


Number of runs:  11


Favourite Volunteer Role: Token sorting, because I like putting all the tokens in order and I like the chats and a treat in the café.


What do you do at parkruns?:  I arrive at parkrun, chat with few parkrunners, and aim to better my time from my last run – this doesn’t always happen but I don’t mind!  Another thing I like to do is use the end to do a big sprint finish. I love the atmosphere at the finish area as all the parkrunners are cheering.


How has parkrun changed your running?: parkrun has changed my attitude towards running.  It has improved my stamina and my running style.  I feel that I have a much looser and relaxed style allowing me to enjoy the run and the park.


What do you like about parkrun?:  I like the warm and exciting atmosphere.  parkrun has showed me how nice it is to encourage and cheer people on. The people are nice, supporting and have a good sense of humour. The route is very scenic and when it is sunny you really just get in the zone and don’t really notice anything other than the scenic route.


Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment?: My funniest parkrun moment was my 10th parkrun.  I wanted to go do it that morning to reach my milestone.  For the entirety of the run there was torrential rain and during the run I stepped in a puddle and all I could hear was the squish of the wet inside my shoes for the whole run. My most memorable parkruns are when one of the other parkrunners, Damien, runs back to me to help me along the route. He doesn’t have to do it but he does. I always think he must be really tired after doing his 5k but he always comes back and has good advice and helps me reach the finish.

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