News - 24th October 2016

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George & Dean

Gidday, I’m George.  I’m a bit of a regionaire when it comes to parkrun.


My dad Rodney & I are lucky to live in the Newcastle area and dad takes me wherever he’s going.  To date that has included Newy, Stockton, The Terrace and Lake Mac, to name a few.


Sometimes I’m not allowed to go to places like Blackbutt and the Beaches because there’s a no dogs allowed, but that’s OK, I understand. With 12 events to choose from in the Hunter region, most allowing dogs, we try to get around as many as we can.


All up I think I’ve done more than 50 parkruns and boy have I volunteered a few times.  I’ve been a marshall, a tail runner and even an apprentice run director on one occasion.  I really like parkrun because I get to meet new friends every single week.


Sometimes they are fellow dog parkrunners, sometimes children, but everyone who sees me on the tracks sees the happy smile on my face, I just love running on a Saturday morning with friends. Isn’t that what parkrun is all about???



George Dean


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