Awards, Feedback - 1st November 2016

Feedback from the Field

MJ_CP certs
I was very honoured to accept the Deaf Australia (NSW) Fair Go Award 2015 on behalf of Penrith Lakes parkrun.


Margaret Johnston nominated Penrith Lakes parkrun and in her submission said:


“As parkrun relies on Community to run the weekly event, each parkrunner must give their time to volunteer three times a year. At first the Event Director (Shelley) was unsure how the Deaf could volunteer but gradually she gave the Deaf simple volunteer roles to do before moving them on to bigger roles.”


“All Deaf who choose to attend or to join in for whatever reason are made to feel included and welcomed by both the organisers as well as participants. Penrith Lakes parkrun provides a volunteer interpreter to interpret the pre-run briefing to ensure all are aware of what is happening and the run director always lets the Community know that there are Deaf parkrunners running on the course. So far, two Deaf parkrunners have received parkrunner of the month awards for their involvement with the parkrun community.

Many new friendships have been made among the parkrun community and it proves that Deaf can do anything and be treated equally.”


Penrith Lakes parkrun is grateful to have regular participants and volunteers from the Deaf Community. Last Saturday, we presented Margaret and Catherine certificates of appreciation for volunteering 25 times and look forward to seeing them in the purple shirts very soon!


Thankyou to Margaret, Brian, Catherine, Chad and their family and friends for being members of our parkrun family.


Shelley Cootes
Event Director

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