News - 8th November 2016

parkdog of the week


Hi! My name is Jax, and I’m a 10 year old Shiba Inu.


My home parkrun is Bendigo in Victoria.


I’ve never actually run a full parkrun… I had both of my knees replaced 2 years ago and I am far too dignified (lazy) to run more than 100m now – but I have volunteered 8 times! I am the best parkdog volunteer in Bendigo!


My favourite role is 1st corner Marshal, because I get to walk the last bit of the course with the Tail Walker and everyone thanks me for volunteering and says what a good dog I am! I want to be a Tail Walker someday when there’s a space!


Bendigo is a very cold parkrun in winter. The human volunteers all wear their gloves and beanies and jackets and complain about the cold wind. I don’t get cold, even when it’s freezing! I am a snow dog and have a double-layer coat, plus I used to live in Canada so I am used to it!


When I’m volunteering at parkrun, I like to strut around like I own the place – it makes the other parkdogs bark at me, and then they get in trouble from their humans, while I act all innocent like I’m the best behaved dog ever. I am pretty devious and a bit of a jerk a lot of the time. It’s part of my charm.


Even though I can’t run, I still participate in parkrun. I love it when people pat me and I like lying in the sun! You should come and visit me at Bendigo parkrun!

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