Awards - 15th November 2016

Dedication to parkrun


A lot goes on behind the scenes at parkrun….


Your Territory and Event Directors do so much more than just turing up every Saturday morning. It’s nice to see the community recognising everyone’s efforts.


To our Territory and Event Directors, thank you all for your dedication to parkrun!

Stacy (Brisbane TD) is one of those awesome people you rarely meet in a lifetime.

She spent countless hours helping to get other local parkruns started and is now a Territory Director overseeing several in our area.


Recently we were at the Everton volunteer recognition afternoon tea and award ceremony with Tim Mander and she was one of those to receive a certificate for her work in the area.

Congratulations Stace!!!!


Event Director
Mitchelton parkrun 


Pretty chuffed to have received this award today for my time and efforts at Mitchelton parkrun over the past few years. It’s always nice to be acknowledged but never expected.

Stacy Edwards

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