News, Press - 29th November 2016

Same start time every Saturday

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Every year about this time as the weather is starting to heat up we get requests to change the start time of certain parkrun events so they can be held earlier. Whilst this seems okay in theory, it goes against one of the key principles of parkrun; that all events are held in the same place at the same time all year round.


The main reason we do this is that we want parkrun to be a ‘no-brainer’ part of your weekly routine. What I mean by this is we don’t want you to have to think about when or where parkrun will be this Saturday. You know, 100%, that it is the same place and time as last week.


When we first launched Main Beach parkrun on the Gold Coast, our first location in Australia, it was agreed by the team that 7am was the most appropriate start time all year round for Queensland events. Not too dark in winter and not too hot in summer. Later that year when we launched in Victoria 8am was the magic time, as it is for NSW, ACT, SA and WA.


When Launceston parkrun started we kicked it back another hour to 9am, just like it is in England. Darwin parkrun, like Queensland, starts at 7am.


There are a couple of exceptions to the above rules due to local council permits and restrictions so please remember to always check the event website when you are visiting a new parkrun… just in case.



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