News - 8th August 2017

How can athletics clubs benefit from parkrun?


 parkrun Australia CEO, Tim Oberg, recently met with the the team from Athletics Australia to discuss how traditional athletics clubs can benefit from parkrun. They came up with the following pointers we encourage club managers to consider:


Campbelltown Joggers are the backbone of Campbelltown parkrun

1. Get to know your local parkrun. Go to their events page and check where the nearest parkrun is located to your club. You can contact the local parkrun Event Director via email on [eventname] For example, the email address for Main Beach parkrun is If there is no parkrun in your area then you may like to consider starting one up?


2. parkrun is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. 80% of parkrunners are not members of traditional athletics clubs. This means every Saturday there are almost 25,000 people parkrunning who are not yet, but could become, members of an athletics club. This is a huge opportunity for traditional clubs.


3. Get involved and volunteer at your local parkrun. There are many successful examples of athletics clubs volunteering at their local parkrun periodically (perhaps once a quarter). This is an opportunity for club members to proudly wear their club kit and network with parkrunners before, during and after the event. Note that this isn’t an open invitation to dump a bundle of flyers on a table. This should involve genuine connections where you talk with people about your club and why it is so great.


4. parkrun welcomes you to use a parkrun as a club run. We all know that organising accurate time trials is time consuming. At parkrun this is done for you and we encourage you to invite your club runners down to your nearest parkrun for a solid 5km hit out. You can even contact parkrun and ask them to have your club listed in the dropdown registration menu. parkrun will then provide you with a publicly available ‘consolidated club report’. These reports contain data that clubs can use to analyse and celebrate both performance and participation. It’s particularly useful for geographically disperse clubs as all runners who participate in parkrun events are reported in one, consolidated summary. As an example, click here to see Diamond Creek Runners.


parkrun Australia offers free, timed, weekly 5km running events in parks and other open spaces all over the country every Saturday morning. Soon parkrun Australia will also be launching ‘junior parkrun’ which will offer free, timed, weekly 2km events every Sunday morning for 4-14 year olds.

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