News - 13th September 2017

Elliptigo across Australia


On the 25th August 2017, Emma Timmis set off on a grand adventure. Her challenge: to travel from the Westernmost point of Australia to the Easternmost point, solo and unsupported, on an Elliptigo!


The journey will cover a total distance of approximately 8,000km. Hugging Australia’s southern coastline wherever possible, Emma will be taking in some breathtaking parts of the landscape. With a goal of travelling roughly 100km per day, she expects to take 10 or 11 weeks from point to point – just enough time to sneak the trip into the time allowed by her tourist visa. And as if the physical challenge of travelling over 8,000km wasn’t enough, she’s doing it in a dress to raise awareness and funds for not-for-profit organisation One Girl.




Travelling with everything she needs to survive tidily packed into the trailer she tows behind the elliptic cycle, Emma has already had her endurance tested by severe headwinds and unseasonal rain. Rather than letting unplanned weather difficulties get her down though, she chooses instead to stay positive, seeing every additional challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger.


An adventure like this has to include parkrun and Emma started her journey with a visit to Applecross parkrun. If timing allows, Emma plans to drop into more parkruns as she makes her way East. Look out for her at your local parkrun and make sure you say ‘Hi’.


Tune in to episode 81 of the parkrun adventurers podcast to hear more about Emma’s adventure, from the lady in the dress herself!

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