News - 16th May 2018

Can’t quite get enough parkrun between Saturdays?


Want some entertaining banter while you’re our walking or running?


Think about sticking some of these parkrun-themed podcasts in your ears.


Australia’s own parkrun Adventurers podcast has been around for a few years now and has more than 100 entertaining and informative episodes in its archive. The parkrun Adventurers started when there was a gap left after the parkrun show ended its run in 2015, and they decided to fill it. Mel and Scott have a passion for parkrun and share their parkrun adventures every week, mixed with guest interviews and ‘roving reports’ from around the country.


The newest parkrun podcast kid on the block is Free Weekly Timed, hosted by UK parkrunners Vassos Alexander and Louise Ayling. The first four episodes are out and they have set their standard pretty high. Get in on this one now, so that you can say that you were a listener right from the start.


Not surprisingly, Marathon Talk features a lot of talk about marathons, but don’t let that put you off. There is usually plenty of parkrun chat in their show (not least of which because Tom also happens to be Chief Operating Officer for parkrun).


So by the time you’ve got through all of that lot each week, it should be time to parkrun again on Saturday morning.


Do you have any go-to parkrun listening? Let us know.

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