News - 6th September 2018

Walkers are welcome


We are partnering with the Heart Foundation to give Australians as many opportunities as possible to be physically active. The Heart Foundation prescribes physical activity as the ‘wonder drug’ for heart health, because it can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, manage weight, blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent and control diabetes. As many of you will know, physical activity also does wonders for our mental health, helping to reduce stress, feel more alert and build social relationships.


As part of our partnership, we want to welcome Heart Foundation Walkers to local parkrun events. You might spot them in their red t-shirts or as new visitors to your group – please make them feel welcome and let them know that walking is a key part of any parkrun event.


And if you’re after a challenge in the month of October, Heart Foundation are also running My Marathon. Run the length of a marathon – 42 kilometres – across one month, and raise money to fight heart disease. What a great way to make your runs count!

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