Noticeboard - 10th December 2018

December Volunteer Update


Welcome to this month’s volunteer update! Here is some of the key information for the coming period as we approach Christmas, and the start of 2019.


1 | Unaccompanied Under 11s


Some interpretations of the under 11 policy have caused a few issues recently so we’d like to further clarify how we expect an event team to act if faced with this situation.


The key thing to note is that you should only ever take action if you or your team witness an unaccompanied under-11 s.


You should not scrutinise your results once published, and an unaccompanied under-11 should only be removed from the results as a last resort, and providing that you have done all of the following first:

1) State in every first-timers briefing and pre-run briefing that all children under the age of 11 must be accompanied (within arm’s reach) throughout the event by a parent, guardian or appropriate adult of the parent’s choice.

2) If you think an under-11 might have been unaccompanied please enquire in a positive and friendly manner, and if appropriate explain our policy and ask them to abide by it next time. Explain to the adult that you have the authority to remove results if this is repeated.

3) Log an incident on WebFMS, including names and parkrun IDs if possible, so that we have a detailed record of the conversation.

4) If you do decide that an under-11 should be removed from the results because this is a repeat offence please write to the family as a courtesy to inform them of your intention first, and log this as an incident.

If you would like further advice or feel that any situation relating to the enforcement of this policy might cause further issues, we would recommend you contact us first via Event Support.

We absolutely believe that by keeping the message upbeat in briefings, using positive images of families participating together, and sharing the parkrun Code occasionally, helps set the tone at our events.


Renee Gimbert
Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Australia




2 | Head Office Reports


Every week we produce a variety of operational reports to ensure that things are ticking along nicely and as we’d hope at our events. See details below of those that directly affect teams:


The junior parkrun volunteer report – to confirm that each volunteer holds a current working with children check in the state they wish to volunteer.


Events without a tail walker report – to confirm that all events in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia comply with the compulsory tail walker policy and that anyone carrying out the role is a registered parkrunner. Please note that we also actively encourage events to have more than one person carrying out this role at any one time.


Run Directors (RD) carrying out other tasks report – to check that the RD has not walked, run or carried out any of the following tasks: pacer, tail walker, timekeeper, barcode scanning, finish tokens or marshal whilst undertaking this role. The RD has overall responsibility for event safety, and should wholly concentrate on overseeing proceedings throughout the event. For your information – no other tasks on the dropdown menu are caught by this report.


First Timer Brief report – the percentage of events logging a volunteer credit for this task. We would like to encourage teams to include this as a stand-alone role on the volunteer template. It brings new volunteers forward (who may step up to Run Direct in the future) and it shows anyone looking at your roster that you welcome new participants.


Renee Gimbert

Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Australia

3 | Incident reporting


All incidents should be recorded by completing an incident report form via WebFMS during results processing. Please only record one incident at a time – use the ‘Add Additional Forms’ button to report any further incidents. If you discover that an incident occurred after you have processed your results, report it afterwards using the ‘record incidents’ option available via the menu on WebFMS.


What is an incident?

An incident is something that involves one or more of the following:

  • Personal injury to anyone (including other park users)
  • Near misses with the potential to cause serious injury
  • Property damage
  • Ill health and sickness
  • Conflict or complaints
  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Something happens which could cause damage to the reputation of parkrun

Please ensure that you provide plenty of information – in particular, the names of the people involved and their parkrun ID (whenever possible). Consider the wording and list any actions taken very carefully as these may need to be referred back to at a later stage in the case of a serious incident.


Repeat incidents may need to be linked to your Risk Assessment and/or you may need to consider altering your course to negate a perceived risk. As a courtesy please also inform your Ambassador and the landowner if a serious incident occurs at your event.


Serious Incident Line


Every weekend a phone line is covered on a rota basis to provide support for you and your event. If the number is engaged please leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.


Australia: 07 3106 3313
Malaysia: 016-299 1772
Singapore: 03138 6710
New Zealand:021 187 2116


All serious incidents (which includes every instance of any of the emergency services being called) should be reported to us via this number once you have dealt with the matter at hand. You should also inform your Event Ambassador of any serious incidents.


Please note that this is also the number to ring if you require any emergency contact details.


Renee Gimbert,

Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Australia




4 | Virtual Volunteer App Feedback


We want to know what you think about the new parkrun Virtual Volunteer App. Have you downloaded it? Have you tried it? Do you use it at your local event? If you’re not using it, we want to know why.


Your feedback will help us understand what’s working, what concerns our volunteers have, and what we can do to support teams to start using the App, such as training.


Click here to access the survey.


Please note – this is an anonymous survey.


Nikki Waterfall
Operations Assistant, parkrun Australia

5 | Some hints and tips for Run Directors


Access to webFMS

  • When you process the weekly results, are you logging into webFMS using your own parkrunner ID? If not, please ask your Event Director to set you up with access.
  • Everyone accessing webFMS should be logging in using their own parkrunner ID and password.
  • If you need some help, please email


Sending a Volunteer Reminder Email

  • Did you know you can personalise your volunteer reminder emails using placeholders? It’s a great way to personalise your emails, for example:
  • Dear {firstname},
    Thank you for volunteering as {task} at this Saturday’s parkrun – {eventdateEur}.
  • Event Directors can access instructions on how to do this the Hub.


Replacement Finish Tokens

  • Whilst waiting for token replacements to arrive, you’ll need to make replacement tokens…. which is easy to do.- Get one of your highest number tokens (that are not being used)
    - Click here to print the individual barcode/s you need –
    - Stick the barcode on the token and add it to your set
    - Let your Event Director know you have missing tokens so they can order replacements through the Hub


Nikki Waterfall
Operations Assistant, parkrun Australia

 6 | Cancelling an Event


Events can be cancelled in advance when the course can’t be used (such as a Town Fair) or on the day, most often due to safety concerns. It is at the Run Director’s discretion as to whether to cancel the event or not, and we remind event teams that they should never feel obliged to put the event on if they feel that safety of participants or volunteers could be compromised.


Steps when cancelling an event:

  • If in advance: Use social media and pre-event briefings as a reminder to your community that the Event will be cancelled on the specific date
  • If short notice: Put a very clear message on the event Facebook page (ie. **EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO FLOODING**). Notify your Event Director and Event Ambassador.
  • Notify any volunteers that are on the roster for that date. You can do this in webFMS (menu, volunteer rosters, select date, click event actions tab, click send a reminder, type email, click send)
  • Cancel your event in webFMS (menu, event cancellations, select date, enter a reason, click to submit).


Nikki Waterfall
Operations Assistant, parkrun Australia




7 | (Vacancy) Board Administrative Assistant, parkrun Australia


We are seeking to appoint an individual for this voluntary position and would welcome applications from those without prior experience. The role will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Providing administrative support to the parkrun Company Secretary
  • Scheduling and attending monthly parkrun board meetings via online teleconference facilities
  • Collating and distributing board reports and papers to board members within a set timeframe prior to meetings
  • Taking meeting minutes and distributing to board members within a set timeframe following meetings



  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Strong organizational capabilities including the ability to take minutes, the ability to adhere to timelines and follow up outstanding action items with Board members



  • Monthly commitment of around four hours, including the two-hour Board meeting
    (provisionally to be held on the second Wednesday of each month)
  • Familiarity with the parkrun brand
  • Technological competence e.g. ability to join online teleconference facilities, use shared drives (e.g. Google Drive) etc.
  • Agreement to the board confidentiality clause
  • Proven ability to work well in a team


Reporting to: parkrun Australia Chair
Location: Australia
Closing date: 14 December 2018
Applications to be submitted here


Scott Watkins
parkrun Australia Chair

8 | Ambassadors – Australia


New and Departing Ambassadors
In Australia, we give a warm welcome to new Event Support Ambassadors, Paul Relf (QLD), Rio Lambino (NSW) and Nadine Crawford (VIC), who have joined the Event Ambassador team.

Mark Randall from the Gold Coast and Andy Sutton from NSW have stepped down as Event Ambassadors. A big thanks to Mark and Andy for all thank their help and support over the last year, and we wish them both all the best in the future.


Tech Ambassadors
A reminder that in Australia we now have a tech support phone line available to all event teams. The tech support line will be manned every week by a dedicated volunteer who will be there to assist teams with questions and assist with challenges they may be having with results processing. The number to call is +617 3053 8786 (Australia). Please remember that the tech support line is manned by volunteers. Please do not worry if you don’t get an immediate reply. A direct line for New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia is planned for the near future.


Grant Ambassadors
Want to join our Grant Ambassador team?

We are looking for parkrunners with experience and an interest in grant writing to join an exciting new volunteer role supporting the parkrun Australia Operations Team.

The aim is to utilise volunteer skills to assist our team with grant preparation. This role is open to all parkrunners and can either be added to your current volunteer role or as a stand-alone role.

The role profile can be found here If you are interested in applying for this role please email with the subject line – Grant Ambassadors.


Recruitment of Event Ambassadors
parkrun Australia is looking for extraordinary EDs and RDs who are happy to share their knowledge and experience and go behind the scenes to support and grow parkrun events across Australia as an Event Ambassador. More information can be found here

We are currently looking for new Event Ambassadors across Australia and have specific vacancies in:

  • Northern Territory – All areas
  • Tasmania- All areas
  • Western Australia – All areas
  • Queensland – All areas
  • New South Wales – North Coast, Central/Regional
  • Victoria – All areas
  • South Australia – All areas


If you are interested in becoming part of the Event Ambassador programme (even if your area in not on the list above), you can register your interest by emailing


Carol Cunningham

Head of Volunteer Management, parkrun Australia




9 | Additional Events

There are only two days of the year where we allow extra parkrun events to take place.

  • In Australia & New Zealand this is Christmas Day and January the 1st.
  • In Singapore, this is the second day of Lunar New Year and January the 1st.
  • In Malaysia, this is Malaysia Day and January the 1st.

On these days we also allow slight variations in start times so that a) volunteers have a little more flexibility around other commitments, and b) on January the 1st there can be opportunities for parkrunners to complete two events.

This year both Christmas Day and January the 1st fall on a Tuesday so provide events with opportunities to stage additional events. Importantly, there is no expectation from Head Office for any event to take place on either of these days, it is entirely up to the local volunteer team, who should not feel obliged to stage their event.

Also, where a 5k event and junior event share the same venue we will only allow one or the other to take place on that day (this applies to Westerfolds only). Which one goes ahead (in cases where both wish to) should be decided between the respective volunteer teams.

  • Landowners must be informed by the local team and have then given permission for the event to take place.
  • Volunteering requirements are the same for these two ‘special’ days as they are for any other parkrun day.
  • No doubles allowed on Christmas Day (25 December).
  • Doubles allowed on January the 1st, but no trebles.
  • Start times on 25 December may be between normal start time and one hour afterwards.
  • Start times on New Year’s Day may be between half an hour BEFORE normal start time and 1.5 hours AFTER start time (this is to make it easier for events to enable doubles).

On January the 1st and where start times and travel times allow, participants may log two runs. Often called “The New Year’s Day Double”, this is the only day of the year where participants may record more than one walk, jog, or run.

Although in no way compulsory, it is common for 5k events local to each other to agree start times that allow doubles. If this is the case, please encourage participants not to take risks when travelling between venues.

Important note for event teams: As the festive period approaches we receive increasing questions as to whether or not specific events are taking place on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

As such, we publish these details on the parkrun website. Please, could event teams therefore follow these simple instructions as soon as possible in order to declare their preferences.

Any events remaining undecided on 13 December will be published as not taking place.

Note: Australia Day this year falls on a Saturday so for most events this will be business as usual. Although, please bear in mind that some landowners may have activities at your location which means you may have to cancel.


Renee Gimbert

Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Australia




10 | Virtual Volunteer Mobile App


We are continuing to improve the Virtual Volunteer Mobile App. There is a new release on both iOS and Android platforms with the following items:

  • Barcode scanning is more strict. Only A or P followed by numbers are accepted
  • Barcode scanning checks previous participant avoiding duplicates when both barcodes are presented (more of a problem with the Android version)
  • Timer export includes version + build


Check that you are using the latest versions. In addition, we have planned enhancements that will be released over the coming months.


Renee Gimbert

Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Australia

11 | Festive Get-Togethers

With the silly season approaching fast, we would like to remind everyone about the guidelines around Christmas events. This applies in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia & New Zealand. Please share these with your event teams. The below information can also be found in the Hub under ‘Festive Get-Togethers’ and redirects to this page if anyone searches for ‘Christmas Parties’.

The Australasian guidelines:

parkrun provide a free, timed, weekly 5km run or walk. We provide all the info and support needed for our event teams to safely deliver parkrun every Saturday morning (plus trials for new events). As part of the event, we encourage people to get together for coffee after parkrun to socialise. This is creating community and providing an opportunity for social interaction and connectedness.

Our recommendation for Christmas celebrations, should you wish to hold them, is to do this at your parkrun on Saturday the 22nd of December and then immediately following parkrun at the local cafe/s.

We understand and love that parkrunners want to catch up outside of parkrun, but anything outside the standard parkrun 5km event every Saturday morning cannot be sanctioned as an official parkrun event.

Any events outside of Saturday mornings must be hosted by a person – the organiser – and not be ‘hosted’ by the parkrun itself.

The following must be included on all posts and communications about Christmas get-togethers:

  • ‘Social Event – Christmas Catch Up’ (or similar but not, for example, ‘Newtown parkrun’s Christmas Party’)
  • ‘A group of us are getting together to…’ (not ‘Newtown parkrun are getting together to…’)
  • There must be a contact name and phone number for the event, that is not the parkrun email
  • Please state: ‘This is not an official parkrun event, just a group or parkrunners getting together’
  • The parkrun logo must not be used
  • No money must change hands at (or in the name of) parkrun


Renee Gimbert

Chief Operating Officer, parkrun Australia

12 | Response Times


Between the 22nd December of 2018 and the 2nd of January 2019 we will only be responding to critical or urgent support matters as the office will be closed during this period.

We urge anyone having any issues processing results to contact us as soon as possible by calling the technical support line on +617 3053 8786 (Australia). This is particularly important if you are hosting an additional event on either Christmas Day or January the 1st. Our Serious Incident Lines will be also available on all parkrun days.


Carol Cunningham

Head of Volunteer Management, parkrun Australia


Finally to all of you, the fabulous parkrun volunteers, we’d like to say thanks for your continued passion, enthusiasm and commitment to parkrun during 2018 and we look forward to parkrunning with you in 2019.


From everyone at parkrun HQ, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia


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