News, Press - 3rd April 2019

Escape to parkrun


Mount Barker parkrun recently celebrated its 5th birthday and whilst the event attracted lots of visitors, one, in particular, stood out – and not just because he was visiting from a South African parkrun.


Paul Kitching, aka PK, is one of the Run Directors at Mount Barker parkrun. This is his recount about how he met political activist, prison escapee and parkrunner Tim Jenkin…


Daniel Radcliffe is currently in South Australia filming the movie ‘Escape From Pretoria’ about Tim Jenkin the South African political activist. In 1978 Tim Jenkin was sentenced to 12 years in Pretoria Central Prison but managed to escape 18 months later using wooden keys he’d secretly made with two other prisoners. Daniel Radcliffe is playing Tim Jenkin. Park that thought…


Thursday before parkrunday: I hear from fellow parkrunner Joshua Jaeger (who is working on “Escape From Pretoria”) that Tim Jenkin is in Adelaide from South Africa to visit the film set, see how the movie of his life is going and give Daniel Radcliffe some character feedback. When asked what he wants to do that Saturday Tim replies “parkrun” as he is a regular at Capetown’s Rondebosch Common parkrun.


Long story short Josh contacts me, I suggest a number of close parkruns to where Tim is staying and also give the option of me collecting him for the drive up through the Adelaide Hills to our Mount Barker parkrun.


Friday before parkrunday: Tim Jenkin calls me and says that, whilst there are other options, yes he would love a lift to Mount Barker!




parkrunday: I have the surreal experience of meeting Tim, taking him to our parkrun and hearing firsthand his incredible life experience. Tim agrees to an interview for the podcast and ABC on the way there, has a great run, and even hangs around for coffee after. All in all a great, if somewhat mind-blowing, experience!


The local paper The Advertiser even picked up on the story. What a morning!




PK’s interview with Tim for the parkrun podcast can be heard here

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