Noticeboard - 23rd April 2019

April Volunteer Update


Welcome to this month’s volunteer update. Here is some of the key information for the coming period:


  • Serious Incidents
  • Multiple parkruns
  • Ambassadors
  • Photography and Watermarks
  • Call for GPs to present at Social Prescribing events
  • Share your story of being a high-vis hero



1. Serious Incidents


Although these are rare, serious incidents do happen and if one occurs at your parkrun we want to ensure you and the event team are prepared and know what to do.


At parkrun an incident is classed as serious if:

  • Any emergency services are called to a parkrun event
  • Anything else serious enough that you need to speak to a member of Head Office


Note: If you think something may be classed as a serious incident and are not sure, contact your Event Ambassador who will advise you on what to do.


Should a serious incident occur, please take the following steps:


  • Phone the Serious Incident phone line
  • Log the incident as soon as possible in the WebFMS


The Serious Incident phone line numbers for each country are


Australia: +61 7 3106 3313

New Zealand: +21 187 2116

Malaysia: +60 16299 1772

Singapore: +65 5313 8671

Japan (Australia): +61 7 3106 3313


The Serious Incident phone line is manned every weekend to provide support for all parkrun events. If the number is engaged when you call, please leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible. In Australia, you will also need to contact your Event Ambassador.


Remember, you are not alone in the case of a serious incident, there is assistance available to help you through the situation.


It is always best to be prepared, here is what can you do now to be prepared for a serious incident:


  • Enter the serious incident phone line number in your phone
  • In Australia install the Emergency+ app on your phone for contacting Emergency Services
  • Talk to your Event Director about serious incidents and how they are handled
  • Read the Event Manual (there is a copy in the Event Kit)
  • If you have questions, speak to your Event Director or Event Ambassador


David Loader,

Head of Event Delivery, parkrun Australia



2. Multiple parkruns


Can I participate in multiple parkruns on one day?


This is a very common question, especially when there are parkrun events close to each other that start at different times, events that are in another state and/or time zone or others on the other side of the International Date Line.


Unfortunately, outside of 1 January, we don’t allow people to record more than one walk or run performance.


The ‘no multiple parkruns’ policy applies globally, to all events worldwide, and is not just specific to Asia Pacific.


There are a number of reasons for this:


  • Safety is paramount at parkrun and we don’t think it’s safe to run or volunteer then rush off to get to another event;
  • parkrun is about community, so staying and being part of the event and seeing everyone finish is what we are all about;
  • The milestone clubs are representative of a commitment to parkrun, with Club 50 recognising a minimum of  one year, 100 Club being at least two years. participating at multiple events changes this.


If you run and scan at two events, the time for your second event will be deleted.


David Loader,

Head of Event Delivery, parkrun Australia


3. Ambassadors


3.1 New Ambassadors


We would like to say a warm welcome to Geoff Crisp (VIC), Kate Scholtens (VIC) and David Aquilina (VIC), new Event Ambassadors who joined the team in the last month and will be supporting events in the Victoria region.


3.2 Event Ambassador recruitment


Our Ambassador Programme was created in 2017 to provide a national network of skilled and experienced volunteers who get involved outside of our weekly events and provide vital support to the Asia Pacific Operations team.

If you are interested in joining the Ambassador programme, you can find out more information here.


We are currently looking to recruit Ambassadors in the following locations:


New Zealand

  • Auckland and Upper North Island
  • Central North Island
  • Lower North Island
  • Upper South Island
  • Canterbury – Central South Island
  • Lower South Island



  • New South Wales – South Coast
  • Australian Capital Territory – all areas
  • Queensland – Brisbane, Darling Downs/South Western QLD, Sunshine Coast
  • Victoria – North East
  • Western Australia – all areas
  • South Australia – all areas.
  • Tasmania – Southern


3.3 Grant Ambassadors


We are currently looking to recruit keen parkrunners with experience in grant writing who have time and an interest in the joining our Grant Ambassador team.


This role is open to all parkrunners and can either be added to your current volunteer role or as a stand alone role.


The role profile can be found here.


If you are interested in applying for this role please email with the subject line – ‘Grant Ambassadors’.


Carol Cunningham,

Head of Volunteer Management, parkrun Australia



4. Photography & Watermarks


One of the most effective ways of promoting parkrun is through photos taken at our events, and we are lucky to have such a wide range of images to choose from.


To ensure consistency, please can we ask that photographs uploaded to event websites and social media pages are free of any watermarks. Professional photographers are welcome to take photos at our events, and many do so in the role of volunteer photographer, all we ask is that photographers and event teams do not add watermarks before making photos available to event teams for sharing. Whilst event watermarks have been provided and allowed in the past, we ask that these are no longer used.


If you are a professional photographer and would like to submit your photos for parkrun to use in our promotional material or press releases. Please send them directly to Full credit will be given.


Scott Trickett,

Marketing & Communications, parkrun Australia



5. Social Prescribing Events


The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is looking for GPs in or around Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney who currently signpost patients to parkrun as a form of ‘social prescribing’. The college will be hosting an evening event in each of these cities in July and August (dates TBC) and they are keen to hear from GPs who would be interested in presenting their social prescribing experiences at the event in their area. parkrun Australia will also be presenting at each of the events.


If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about this, please email


Glen Turner,

Health & Wellbeing Lead, parkrun Australia & New Zealand



6. Share your story of being a high-vis hero


Volunteering has been one of the cornerstones of parkrun since the very first event and we have always been committed to celebrating the high-vis heroes who make a significant contribution to parkrun every week. What has evolved however is our understanding of volunteering.


Whereas originally we saw volunteering as a necessity in order to put on events for other people, and our aim was to reduce the number of volunteers to the smallest amount possible, we are now committed to creating a wide range of volunteering opportunities at our events to empower even more people to access their local parkrun in a fun and enjoyable way.


So often we hear negative terminology around volunteering, even from prominent members of the volunteering sector with comments such as “giving up their time”. Such comments strongly contradict the significant feedback we receive every day, where the act of volunteering has changed people’s lives. We also know that volunteering is used by many as an entry point into parkrun. This is why we want to celebrate everything that is positive about volunteering.


We would love to hear from parkrunners who are willing to share their stories about how volunteering has had a positive impact on their life. Whether it be learning new skills, gaining confidence, feeling comfortable enough to walk or run at parkrun or creating other opportunities in life, please get in touch with us at


Not only do we want to continue to celebrate volunteers, we want to celebrate everything that is positive about volunteering.


Carol Cunningham,

Head of Volunteer Management, parkrun Australia


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