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parkrun profile: Kennington Reservoir


Kennington Reservoir parkrun has recently changed its name. Formerly known as Bendigo parkrun, the change was made to better represent where the event is located.




Bendigo is located in Central Victoria, in 1851 word got out that a couple of shepherds wives had been filling tins with gold from the local creek thus sparking a gold rush. The gold rush bought many nationalities to Bendigo, including the Chinese.


This is how Bendigo is now home to the world’s longest Imperial Dragon, Dai Gum Loong at 125 metres. When he arrived in Bendigo earlier this year it took over 100 people to walk him the 5km from the airport to his new home at the Golden Dragon Museum.


A visit during Autumn for the Easter Festival is the best time to visit, perfect parkrun weather and a Sunday Easter parade where our Imperial Dragons come out. If you’ve never seen an imperial dragon this is a must.




The course features two non-identical loops each with their own special hill and a little bit lumpy in-between. There is a beautiful reservoir in the middle which is scenic but not for a post-run dip.


The Kennington Reservoir, after which the name is now named, is often overflowing in winter when there has been enough rain or evaporating during our long hot summers.  There are a group of pelicans who visit from winter through summer and lots of other bird life including a few swooping magpies and the occasional snake sighting. Council has recently installed some fantastic new wooden carvings of local animals around the reservoir which look fabulous.


The location is great for bird watching (before or after the event), fishing and well known for its experimental solar-powered algae contraption that floats on the reservoir, of particular interest to the marine biologist parkrunners out there.


Lou Bray got involved in parkrun while living interstate although didn’t go very often. Bendigo didn’t have a parkrun and she had no friends, parkrun was the obvious next step. “I made some enquiries, met a few others who had also enquired and we built a parkrun. I love being at my home event, catching up on the run or walk and talking some more at coffee.” Lou said.


Ian Carmichael is a volunteer marshal who stands at the top of our first hill, he is there every week including our Christmas events. He has a kind word for everyone when they get to the top and he’s always up for a chat particularly handy if you need to catch your breath or you just happy to stop and have chat.




Recently a local long-time club runner was waiting for his kids to finish and commented that he’d been running in Bendigo for over 20 years and didn’t recognise anyone here which surprised him. Bendigo has always been a very active town, particularly running, so the event team knew they would be embraced when the vent was launched, but it was great to know they had tapped into the whole community and not just those who were already active or participating in club events.


They have a lot of regular dogs: Captain, Hugo, Poppy (although she’s been MIA for a while), Albi, Gary the Groodle and many less regular. Dogs are definitely more popular than prams but we have a few of those as well with one young pram rider Hamish now starting the event on foot before hopping back in and enjoying the parkrun from his pram.




Edwards is our post parkrun coffee location. They do great coffee, fabulous breakfasts and always look after the parkrunners.


Kennington Reservoir parkrun website is here and their Facebook page is here.


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