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Top Tips for parkrun Theme Events


Dressing up at parkrun to celebrate an anniversary or a milestone is a great opportunity to explore some creativity. It’s fun and fosters a sense a community for the parkrun event.


While some people go into excitement overload at the thought of the opportunity to dress up, for others, it can be a daunting prospect!


Dressing up in costume definitely isn’t for everyone, so having a theme that is versatile or offers itself to adding a small touch of the chosen theme is definitely an advantage. It’s also a good idea to find themes that that are easy enough to achieve without breaking the bank. This ensures that it’s inclusive and fun for everyone. Here are our top tips that tick all the boxes.



Activewear and fluoro colours go hand in hand making it an easy theme for everyone to get on board with. This is a great one for those who are little more hesitant when it comes to dress ups; some people can go all out, whilst others can be a little bit more conservative in their approach. Everyone can join in with this theme from simply wearing fluoro socks right through to a full fluoro outfit.


Everyone loves a good superhero costume! This one is especially good for kids as they love dressing up as their heroes. Superhero costumes are really easy to come by as well; you can pick up a costume fairly cheaply at the op shop or borrow one. You don’t have to go all out with theme either, a cape or a superhero t-shirt with be sufficient to personify your favourite superhero and unleash the alter-ego within.




What better way to start your Saturday morning than to wake up, roll out of bed and head straight to parkrun? Wearing your pyjamas to parkrun is a dream come true for some and an easy one to organise as no costumes need to be purchased. This is an especially good theme for the winter months as you can wear a onesie or a warm fluffy dressing gown. Also, you can bring your teddy bear!





A Hawaiian theme is one of the easiest and effective themes you can choose. Everyone can join in with this one simply by wearing a lei or a flower on your hat. Or some might choose to go all out with a grass skirt or Hawaiian shirt. It’s a versatile theme too with any summery, flowery or flamingos covered apparel fitting the bill perfectly. A Hawaiian theme adds atmosphere and a party vibe almost instantly, making it a good choice for anniversaries.




Football colours

When footy fever hits around finals time, a footy colours theme is a great one that everyone can get behind regardless of code or team. Many footy fans already have some footy paraphernalia of some sort, so its easy for people to organise. Footy jumpers, scarves, hats and team colours, add a fun competitive vibe to the morning. Just make sure any team rivalry stays off the parkrun course!




Crazy Socks or Hats

For those who are not completely taken with the idea of a full dress-up theme, crazy socks or crazy hats is perfect. Not only can you pick up a pair of colourful socks fairly cheaply, or pull out an old beanie from the back of the cupboard, you don’t have to invest a lot of time into this costume theme either. This is a quick, easy and effective costume that even those who aren’t dress up fans can wear effortlessly.




Pick a Letter

This theme can lend itself to a lot of creativity. Most event teams pick the first letter of their event or town for an anniversary. It’s amazing to see what some people come up with and what they are willing to wear around the 5km course! Hamilton parkrun recently went for Something Starting with H or P theme, which resulted in many varying costumes from a prisoner through to Harry Potter.





Tutus are always a lot of fun for girls and guys! Tutus are easy to make or to purchase cheaply, and they can look really effective in bright cheerful colours. One of the easiest things about a tutu theme is that a tutu can simply be pulled on over your regular running kit. This means if you’re heading to coffee afterwards, you can easily discard the costume if you’re not willing to draw attention to yourself at the local café.





Ahoy there! A pirate theme continues to be popular amongst parkrun events, perhaps because of the Pirate Club some parkrunners aspire to join. This unofficial club requires you to run seven parkrun events beginning with C and one with an R to mimic sailing the seven seas and a shouting a priate’s “Arrr”. Many people who reach this goal like to dress up to celebrate. Shiver me timbers!





You just can’t go past Christmas for a great dress-up day. Everyone is already in the Christmas spirit and its easy to don a Santa hat or reindeer ears, or go a little more out there as a Christmas tree or elf. It’s also easy to add a bit of atmosphere at your event with some tinsel and Christmas bells. And if all else fails, a cheery “Merry Christmas” will also do the trick!



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