News - 7th August 2019

RunNation Film Festival


RunNation Film Festival (RNFF) is a unique but original film event. The festival was created to bring runners and non-runners together; to inspire and to start a conversation through the versatile medium of film. And story by story, kilometre by kilometre, the screenings help bring the running community closer together.


With over 120 screenings Nationally there is bound to be one screening near a parkrun. The tour starts August 15, 2019. Some join your fellow parkrunners and make it a social event.


Also from 15 September 2019, the RNFF: parkrun edition will return.  This special edition is hosted by parkrunners who are interested in bringing this event to regions and areas that are currently not being listed on the tour. It is a specially curated content designed to educate and inspire across the community.


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