News - 4th September 2019

Medibank August parkrun hero


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Michelle Joynes from West Beach parkrun in SA!


As this month’s parkrun hero, she’ll be off to take part in Mount Ainslie parkrun, in the ACT!


So what’s Michelle’s super power? Ever since her first ever parkrun, four years ago, she’s been the glue (superglue!) that holds her local parkrun together. Showing up virtually every weekend, Michelle runs, cheers, encourages and celebrates everyone who shows up to take part.


Here’s what fellow parkrunner, Jennifer Chataway, had to say:

“Michelle has done over 200 parkruns, volunteers regularly, and has recruited so many people to West Beach. Everyone at West Beach knows her as an encouraging face who is always guaranteed to be at the local coffee place afterwards. At milestones, she makes others feel special – bringing balloons, making laminated collages of our parkrun photos and results etc. She always makes sure to leave a happy comment on everyone’s Strava, and always remembers to snap a photo of the weekly raffle winner at coffee!”


Congrats again, Michelle. You do the parkrun community proud! We’re pretty certain there are hundreds of other Michelles out there, so let us know! Nominations for next month’s parkrun are now open!

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