News - 19th November 2019

Physiotherapy Takeover at Devonport parkrun


Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Administration staff from a Devonport Physiotherapy clinic recently took over the volunteering roles at Devonport parkrun, encouraging clients and the broader community to take an active role in the management of their health.


A team of four Physiotherapists, two Exercise Physiotherapists and four admin staff filled the volunteer roles at Devonport parkrun on the 2nd of November following a push for GPs and allied health professionals to guide clients towards parkrun for a range of physical and social benefits. Three of the staff volunteering were new to parkrun with a number of others already regular walkers and runners that were new to volunteering. The team had a great morning and were quite happily surprised with the number of “thankyous” received from participants as they made their way around the Devonport course.




Physiotherapist and practice director Ryan Carrol said: “parkrun will definitely be something I would recommend for those who are injured that can volunteer as a way of still being involved or returning from injury, using it as a progressive plan… walking, walk/jog, running. Even for those wanting to begin some form of exercise for general health benefits or weight loss, parkrun can be a fantastic option.”


Exercise Physiologist, Ben Brockman is the Event Director for Devonport parkrun, launching the event over 4 years ago after identifying a gap in free physical opportunities in the area. “I work with a lot of people in the community that are looking to improve their physical and mental health through increasing physical activity. One of the fantastic things about parkrun is that it helps to remove some of the traditional barriers to regular exercise, providing a free, inclusive, non-competitive event that the whole community can be involved in.”


The practice staff intend to continue to attend parkrun regularly, aiming to encourage clients to consider parkrun as a tool to assist with their treatment and improve their health generally.

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