News - 20th November 2019

Dogs at parkrun


With another summer approaching and the temperatures rising across Australia, we are asking you to look out for the welfare of your parkdogs at parkrun.


Running 5km can be hard enough for us in hot weather, but it is even harder for our furry friends. Not only are they running in a fur coat, but it is also much more difficult for them to keep themselves cool.


Unlike us humans, dogs lose heat through panting and can only sweat through their paw pads. Heatstroke is a real risk as it can happen very quickly and can be fatal.


All dogs are at risk of heatstroke but some more than others. This includes dogs which are unfit, overweight, very old or young, dogs with thick, heavy coats or with very short flat faces like pugs and bulldog types.


It’s impossible to give a temperature that’s safe for all dogs so on those warm summer mornings it’s best to be safe and leave your pooches at home, because ultimately it is only parkrun and their welfare and safety is far more important.


The RSPCA has produced this helpful advice on dog first aid and identifying the signs of heatstroke.

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