News - 4th September 2020

parkrun Australia COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 4 September


In this week’s global COVID-19 update, we outlined a move to sub-national opening which allows us to open parkrun events across any State or Territory where our Framework is clearly in line with guidelines, and we have formal approval.


I am pleased to confirm that with approval from the Northern Territory Government Department of Health, parkrun events in the Northern Territory will reopen on Saturday, 19 September, under our COVID-19 Framework.


I’d like to also take this opportunity to update you on the status of the remaining States & Territories within Australia, and specifically outline where we do not fit within government or public health guidelines and are therefore yet to receive formal approval.


Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

The maximum group gathering in the ACT is 100 and at this stage we would breach participant limits at a number of events. ACT also requires the capture of a participant, volunteer, and spectator, phone number which is something we are unable to support at this time.


New South Wales (NSW)

At present NSW Health have advised that there is no legislation developed to support the return of parkrun. We are monitoring this closely and when possible will submit our COVID-19 Framework to the NSW Government.


Queensland (Qld)

In addition to name and email addresses, the Queensland Government currently requires a contact phone number for each participant, volunteer, and spectator, along with the time in / out of the venue, which we are unable to support at this time.


South Australia (SA)

SA have recently introduced the requirement of a COVID-19 Marshal. For an event under 200 people this marshal can undertake additional volunteer roles and for events over 200 a dedicated volunteer must act in this role. COVID-19 marshals are people who are assigned to apply COVID-19 directions and restrictions and must supervise prescribed operations, and are required to complete a 30 minute online training course as prescribed by SA Health. At this time we are unable to support parkrun volunteers being required to complete third-party training courses relating to COVID-19. This is due to our need to apply a single COVID-19 Framework across the world.


We are also awaiting clarification with regard to crowd density requirements in SA.


Tasmania (Tas)

The Tasmania Sport & Recreation Department requires a maximum density limit of two square metres per person. We are currently working to understand the practical application of this with regards to our specific events.


Victoria (Vic)

Melbourne currently remains in stage four lockdown and Regional Victoria remains in stage three lockdown, both allow for outdoor exercise with one other person and metropolitan Melbourne has a maximum time limit of one hour.


Western Australia (WA)

At present, the Western Australian Government has a requirement to maintain a 1.5 metre separation between people who are not from the same household. Our COVID-19 Framework allows for social distancing before and after the event, however we are unable to comply with a 1.5 metre separation during the event.


In addition, sport and recreation events must maintain a strict limit of a minimum of two square metres (2sqm) per patron which we cannot review until the 1.5 metre rule is removed.


Discussions with the WA Department of Health are ongoing.


Thanks, as always, for your support and patience.


Renee Gimbert
Territory Manager, parkrun Asia Pacific

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