News - 2nd February 2021

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update 2 February


As we start a new month, it does feel increasingly like we are heading in the right direction at last. The pace of progress varies across different countries, but as confirmed cases of Coronavirus fall it gives us hope that a return to parkrun might not be too far away. We continue to monitor the situation and prepare for a return when the time is right.


Last weekend we saw more than 60,000 parkrunners participate at 444 events across five countries. It is reassuring and hugely satisfying to see that, where we have been able to return, we have done so with such a high degree of normality, and that, generally speaking, participation levels are very similar to pre-COVID times.


Despite the increasing optimism and positivity, we don’t have any plans to reopen events in any other territories in the next month or so.


However, the parkrun community remains here for you – whether you have a local event to go to or not.


We are getting through this.


Best wishes,

Tom Williams
Chief Operating Officer
parkrun Global

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