News - 28th April 2021

Mothers and Daughters milestones at Frog Hollow


In early 2020, with 150 parkruns looming, running buddies Sally and Rosemary started planning to mark the occasion together, just as they had done for their 100th parkruns.


Soon, daughters, Elyse and Kristen asked to join the celebration, to do their 200th and 100th parkruns on the same day. Planning was detailed three and a half months ahead, with each knowing how many times they could run and volunteer.


The date was to be 16 May 2020. But as we all know, a pandemic came along…


On the date the milestones were to have been run, it was the first time for many weeks that more than two people could exercise together in Victoria. All of the four met and ran the course together, even though it wasn’t official.


Victorian parkrunners had to wait a long time for the return of parkrun, but when it did resume, plans were again set in place, for 13 March. A five day lockdown in February pushed the planned date out a week,


But finally, on 20 March, their long-awaited milestones day arrived. A 100 shirt was borrowed for Kristen, and the rest of the group proudly wore their 100 shirts. But they weren’t your average 100 shirts, as numbers were made to cover the necessary digits, to mark the milestones being achieved.


Between these four regular Frog Hollow parkrunners, out of their combined 600 parkruns, 478 have been completed at their home parkrun. Between them, they have volunteered 195 times. Three of the four belong to the Frog Hollow parkrun Event team, as Run Directors, and Elyse is a co Event Director.


It was a big day for milestones at Frog Hollow, on that day, with eight official and unofficial milestones being celebrated.


Rosemary A3011539

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