News - 9th January 2023

30 scouts volunteer at Wallaby Track parkrun


Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders came together from 1st Alfredton, 1st Mount Clear, and 7th Ballarat troops to form a team of 30 volunteers who helped out at Wallaby Track parkrun in Ballarat.


They occupied every volunteer role, including Run Director, ensuring everyone knew their role on the day, and the Mayor of Ballarat was also in attendance.




For many of the Scouts it was their first time at parkrun and they loved what they experienced. There were quite a few comments of “I’m coming back to do this myself” and many returned the following week to take part as runners or walkers along with lots of parents.


There was a wonderful atmosphere on the day with lots of enthusiasm from all the Scouts, which of course led to a really positive experience for the 92 walkers and runners, including 23 first timers, who joined in the event.


It was the first time the Scouts have done this at Wallaby Track parkrun, and it definitely won’t be the last! We had so much positive feedback that we couldn’t not make it an annual event.




Aaron Coulter
Co-event director
Wallaby Track parkrun

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