News - 16th May 2023

Brooks celebrates National Volunteer Week

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In March, something incredible happened that brought a surge of excitement to Brooks Running and the parkrun team across Australia and New Zealand. We proudly announced that Brooks Running and parkrun will be partnering together for the next five years. Bringing the power of the run to everyone who wants to be involved.


As parkrunners, we know that there’s something magical about the impact a run can have on a person. It’s just one foot in front of the other, over and over again, until you achieve your own goal. And that’s precisely why we believe Brooks and parkrun are the perfect fit. We share a deep-rooted belief that running is the most inclusive sport in the world, and that’s why we’re on a mission to make the world a happier, healthier place through the transformative power of running!


But we also know that there’s one crucial aspect of parkrun that can’t be overlooked. Every Saturday morning, parkrunners also get active in their community through volunteering. They set up the course, direct walkers and runners, and cheer the community on. We’re incredibly grateful for their commitment and contribution, and for helping to create healthier and happier communities. Here’s to our amazing volunteers, and the endless possibilities of what we can achieve together!


If you are interested in volunteering with parkrun Australia, there are many ways to get involved. And, by supporting parkrun through volunteering, you can make a meaningful contribution to the community while also gaining valuable skills and experience. So why not get involved today and help make a difference in your community?


Thank you to all the amazing parkrun volunteers.


Whether you volunteer, walk, run, find your perfect shoe here. Or head into your local The Athlete’s Foot store.



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