News - 23rd May 2023

Celebrating 10 years of the Ambassador Programme


This week we’re looking back on 10 years of the parkrun Ambassador Programme.


Ambassador roles enable more people to get involved with parkrun, share their knowledge, and support their communities health and happiness.


Find out how it all started, what the Ambassadors do and what we have achieved together.




Firstly, what is the Ambassador Programme?


Originally created in 2013 with around 30 Ambassadors, parkrun communities are now supported by over 700 Ambassadors across 14 unique roles in over 20 countries.


It is a support network of highly engaged, energetic, dedicated volunteers who have applied for a number of different roles through a formal recruitment process. They come from a wide range of experiences and perspectives. In the truest sense of the word ‘Ambassador’, they are the guardians, advocates, protectors and champions of parkrun!


Why do we have parkrun Ambassadors?


Ambassadors support and train our event teams, deliver and activate new events, increase participation, help us translate documents, and keep our communities safe. This support enables parkrun to exist and to grow.


So much of what they help to achieve cannot be quantified, such as engaging with over 8,000,000 registered parkrunners around the world. Here are just a few examples of their contribution:


  • Event Ambassadors support over 2,250 events globally each week.
  • Recruited as part of the Warburtons funded project (2015-18), our Outreach Ambassadors supported the creation of 101 new junior events in disadvantaged areas of Great Britain throughout 2015-18.
  • Since joining in July 2016, parkrunner Support Ambassadors in the UK, Australia, South Africa and Poland have answered over 98,000 queries received into our ticketing system.
  • Critical Incident Line Ambassadors are standing by to help look after over approximately 300,000 participants every week.




What’s great about being an Ambassador?


As an Ambassador you’re involved with parkrun on a deeper and broader level and get to see how it all comes together from the inside. You work alongside fellow Ambassadors and parkrun staff, helping the organisation to deliver on its mission of making the world healthier and happier.


It also enables you to develop skills, and gain new ones – a fantastic boost to your CV!


How do you become an Ambassador?


There isn’t a typical parkrun Ambassador – people of every age, gender, race and cultural background are parkrun Ambassadors. Most are passionate, confident, dynamic and strong communicators.


Potential Ambassadors apply online and go through an assessment process with parkrun staff. Ambassador roles include:


  • Content Creation Ambassador
  • Critical Incident Line Ambassador
  • Event Ambassador
  • parkrunner Support Ambassador
  • Photography/Video Ambassador
  • Regional Ambassador
  • Social Media & Communications Ambassador
  • Translation Ambassador
  • Technical Support Ambassador
  • Grant Ambassador (Australia)
  • Outreach Ambassador
  • Health and Wellbeing Ambassador
  • Safeguarding Ambassador
  • Insight Ambassador


Find out more about the roles on our Volunteer Hub.






We are always on the lookout for new Ambassadors. If you are interested in finding out what Ambassador opportunities are available in your region, please contact


Thank you Ambassadors!



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