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Volunteering is fun!

At parkrun, volunteers are at the very heart of what we do. Our community is global, yet it is so local, with a sense of community being formed in hundreds of different locations around Australia.   Research has shown that volunteering is beneficial to health and well-being, improving a sense of belonging, well-being, and self-worth….

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What motivates you to volunteer?

We all have different motivations to stay active as we know it can lead to being healthier and happier. But when it comes to volunteering, there can be different motivations.   Since the introduction of volunteering milestones in 2021, there is now the opportunity for every volunteer instance to contribute toward the volunteer milestone clubs. Just…

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Australia launches ‘parkrun Practices’ to support GP referrals to parkrun

General Practitioners around Australia are being supported to refer patients to parkrun events as part of an exciting Community Partnership between parkrun Australia and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).   The ‘parkrun Practice’ initiative aims to help GPs understand how parkrun may benefit some of their patients, start a conversation with those…

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parkrun New Zealand turns 10

We’re celebrating ten years of parkrunning in New Zealand! On May 5, 2012, 89 people, including volunteers participated at the very first event on the Lower Hutt riverbank.   Lian and Noel de Charmoy introduced parkrun to New Zealand after visiting their dear friend and parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt at Bushy Park in London. The…

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Celebrate togetherness with Thank You Day

On Saturday 4-5 June, we would love for parkrun events to come together and celebrate togetherness, gratitude, and all things community – the beating heart of parkrun.    Of course, parkrun events are already a fantastic way of uniting people, but why not extend the togetherness with a delicious post-parkrun picnic?   For Thank You…

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The motivation I needed

Nick Frauendorf and his partner completed their first parkrun on the 30 January last year. By joining in and mostly walking, they both became fitter and faster. It led Nick to make friends and find the motivation to become healthier and happier.    I set my goal to complete 25 parkruns during the year. At the…

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Helping me to belong

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be challenging, and parkrun provides a perfect opportunity for people to connect with their local community, make new friends and create a network beyond the defence force.   Thousands of people around the world in all stages of their military life take part in parkrun, including Liz, an…

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Jess Stenson shares her top tips to get a parkrun PB

So you’re looking to run a PB?   Whether you’re a regular runner, a novice, or just looking to get back on the running track, setting a new personal best time can be very motivating.   Adelaide’s Jess Stenson knows this well.   One of Australia’s top marathon runners, the Olympian and Commonwealth Games medallist…

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The key to communication

Key Word Sign (KWS) supports communication and language development of children and adults with communication difficulties with speech, sign and gesture.   parkrunner Tanya Jarvis’ son Kobe uses Key Word Sign, which led Tanya to become a KWS Presenter. Tanya kindly volunteered to create a KWS grid explaining what parkrun is and how to get involved, and…

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Walk, don’t run: Why one of the simplest ways to exercise is making a comeback

If walking was a colour, it’d be the new black.   There’s no shortage of evidence that walking is truly a wonder drug; an exercise that can shed weight, increase life spans, reduce the risk of disease, improve heart health, keep joints mobile and benefit mental health.   “You’d have to take a lot of…

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