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8 weeks off

What would you do if your local parkrun had to cancel every week for 8 weeks?   ‘Freak out’ is a natural first response and that was the situation Meadowbrook and Logan River parkrunners have had to deal with the past couple of months.   When tropical cyclone Debbie passed over Far North Queensland earlier…

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3 Lessons the ‘parkrun’ teaches about Attitude and Leadership

Parenting is leadership in its pure form!   According to statistics, approximately 8% of those who set New Year’s Resolutions actually achieve them. The numbers aren’t promising, but in 2017 I am determined to be one of the 8%. My NYR is simple:  I will go on a run every single day in 2017!  …

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The Appeal of parkrun Tourism

Some people are serious about parkrun tourism. There is something completely alluring to some parkrunners about completing as many different parkrun courses as possible. Some parkrunners have just begun their tourism journey, having only notched up a handful of parkrun locations, but with huge plans to tick more off the list. While others have completed…

sleep cover
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Sweet dreams: The keys to a great sleep, every night!

My name is Dr Carolyn Ee and I am a GP, researcher, health and wellbeing advocate and runner who is based in Sydney.   No matter where we are in the world or how we’ve been impacted by COVID-19, many of us will have experienced some disruption to our sleeping routines.   Firstly, this isn’t…

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The smallest town in Australia with a parkrun

Timboon is a small town in Victoria’s South West, we sit in the Shire of Corangamite local government area, approximately 213 kilometres south-west of Melbourne. At the 2011 census, we had a town population of 748 and a district population of approximately 1942. Our district covers some 33,733 hectares so that works out about 0.05…

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parkrun, anxiety and me…

By parkrun Australia CEO, Tim Oberg   Some of you will know me. Some of you won’t. From the launch of parkrun Australia in April 2011 until August last year I was the voice of our weekly newsletter, writing an editorial piece every week to keep you all updated on the inner workings of this…

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Research into exercise

Are you interested in exercise?   Flinders University is seeking volunteers to participate in an online survey study investigating individual differences in exercise-related beliefs and behaviours. We are looking for adults aged 18+ who exercise at least once per week, or who have tried to exercise at least once per week in the past two…

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Walkers are welcome

Walkers are welcome at every parkrun.   Doing anything for the first time can make anyone feel nervous or intimidated, but with the parkrun community all about encouragement and support, it doesn’t have to be that way.   Although it’s called parkrun, there’s no pressure at all for participants to run the entire 5kms, and…

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Love at parkrun

parkrun is a small part of so many of our lives, but every now and then, parkrun sets the scene for some of our bigger milestones, such as the turn around point to getting fit, an introduction to someone that becomes a real friend, or even, perhaps the making of a new future…   It…

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Looking for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day?

Love parkrun? Love your Mum? Share your love of parkrun with her this Mother’s Day.   Bring your Mum, someone else’s Mum or the woman you love like a Mum to run, walk or stroll at absolutely any pace on May 13th. There’ll be plenty of chatting, laughing, hugging and hand holding the whole way,…

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