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A huge celebration at International Women’s Day parkrun!

In a celebration of female participation to mark International Women’s Day, #IWDparkrun welcomed an astonishing 15,000 additional women and girls at parkruns all around the world.   On Saturday 7 March 2020, we were delighted to see almost 151,000 women and girls walking, jogging or running at parkrun globally.   Our social feeds lit up…

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Once you start parkrun you won’t look back

Diane Sinclair was unhappy in her job when she discovered on social media that Seacliff Esplanade parkrun in South Australia was about to launch. As someone who works every Saturday, Diane saw an opportunity to enjoy being active outside for a short while before her six hour shift in a retail shop.   My name…

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Surprise yourself and others

I have been in prison for many years now. I had never heard of parkrun until our Recreation Officer showed us a TV clip about the first women’s prison in the world to host a parkrun (in Western Australia). I saw women happily walking and talking on an oval. They looked normal and almost free….

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Making me the person I am today

One day in March 2015, Miranda awoke to the terrifying discovery that she couldn’t move her arms and legs. She was diagnosed with a neurological disorder and underwent a long period of physical therapy to be able to walk again.   Following her discharge from hospital, Miranda was left feeling nervous and confused – until…

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A Saturday saviour

Following a total mastectomy five years ago, Helen Thiele was left feeling different to other women and very self conscious with no desire to undertake any physical activity. Thanks to some gentle words of encouragement from her daughter and husband, Helen walked Darwin parkrun in the Northern Territory and was instantly hooked. She is now…

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Finding the courage to give parkrun a try

67-year-old Lyn Rose’s first experiences of West Beach parkrun in South Australia involved watching it with her daughters and their families. Having never liked physical activity and not believing parkrun was for her, a health scare changed her attitude and prompted her to give parkrun a try.   My name is Lyn and I recently…

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Fiona Flies to Fifty

Fiona Dowdy recently became Mildura Weir’s first homegrown member of the 50 club. From a reluctant first-timer to passionate parkrun recruiter, she has flown through her first year of parkrunning.   Fiona is a great example of making a habit stick, demonstrated via her regular attendance. Since coming along to event number one on February…

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My ‘me time’

Having overcome an eating disorder, 31-year-old mother of three Anna-Lena Neumann made the decision to live a healthier and more active life. Luckily, Anna was about to discover that parkrun was ready to launch in the Queensland suburb she’d just moved to.   I had never heard about parkrun before it launched in North Harbour,…

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Amazing role models for my daughters

Marilyn Tolman’s first experience of Ballina Coast parkrun on the north coast of NSW was inspired by family and friends taking part. What seemed like simply a safe activity for Marilyn and her daughters to get involved in has and turned out to be a community of role models for her daughters.    “parkrun seemed…

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