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Erno loves volunteering

Erno van Alphen has volunteered 100 times at Sandon Point parkrun. The Dutchman, born in Oujda Morocco, loves playing violin, woodcraft, basketball, reading, creating, and socialising – especially at parkrun.   Before initially becoming involved in volunteering at parkrun, Erno used to enjoy a coffee and read his book in Bulli Beach Cafe, while Marie Louise…

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Showing our children what community means

My daughter and I go to parkrun every weekend.   I’m a Run Director at Rouse Hill parkrun. We both volunteer and we both run, my husband and I tag team who runs with our two children and we all volunteer together.   My daughter is seven years old and has volunteered 31 times and…

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Noel notches up 100 weeks of parkrun volunteering

83-year-old Noel Darr is a Vietnam Veteran and retired load-master who served in the Royal Australian Air Force. When Noel retired in 1994 he held the world record for the number of hours flown on the Hercules E Model and was awarded the Order of Australia medal for services to the military.   On Saturday Noel…

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We’re looking for parkrun Ambassadors

parkrun Australia is looking for extraordinary volunteers who can bring their excitement and enthusiasm to represent parkrun behind the scenes and outside of Saturday morning as parkrun Ambassadors.   We are looking for parkrunners who believe passionately in the power of parkrun to create and support healthier and happier communities.  Ambassadors are volunteers who advocate…

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I’ve never been a runner

As parkrun returned in Tasmania last weekend, Val Warwick returned to volunteer as photographer in the pouring rain and wind at Devonport parkrun.   Never considering herself to be athletic, but being married to a runner, she was introduced to parkrun. After volunteering, walking, jogging and running all over Australia she feels completely embraced by…

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Keeping the volunteering spirit alive

While parkruns have been on hold, most of us have been able to keep walking, jogging and running while sticking to the restrictions in place in our local areas.   Backyard marathons, virtual runs, walking all the streets or the boundaries of our suburbs and (not)parkrun – there’s been plenty of incentive to keep moving…

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The history of timekeeping at parkrun

Once upon a time, a man named Paul and a few of his longtime friends started meeting in their local park at the same time each week. Paul would record the time it took them to run a 5km course, then they’d have a whale of a time talking and chatting in the cafe afterwards….

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